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Employee Assistance Program

Ames Community School District offers its employees an Employee Assistance program as part of its employee benefits. The EAP gives employees timely and free access to short-term, confidential, professional services to help them find solutions to personal or work problems before their health or job performance is affected. The District works with Ames counseling and Psychological Services to provide the EAP.

Provider Options & Printable Information  

To make an appointment call one of these options :

Ames Counseling and Psychological Services

 515-239-4410  – You may call this number 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Central lowa Psychological Services 


Creative Counseling 


Clear Brook Counseling


You may call this number 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A professional counselor is always on duty to deal with an urgent situation or personal crisis.


What types of problems can I address through the EAP?

Counselors help with a wide range of concerns that affect daily life. They can help you with issues such as these:

  • Work/career (work stress, balancing work and personal demands, changing employment)
  • Relationship (at work, friends, couples)
  • Family/marriage (parenting, blended families, separation/divorce)
  • Personal problems (anxiety, depression, panic attacks, eating disorders)
    Compulsive/addictive behaviors (excessive use of alcohol, chemical dependency, gambling)
  • Finances (overspending, bankruptcy, credit card excesses)
  • Legal matters (parental rights, divorce)
  • Catastrophes (terminal illness, death/grief, accident trauma)

What services can I obtain?

The EAP program provides you up to three (3) sessions per year with a professional counselor.

Your counselor will help you identify and assess the extent of your problem, develop steps you can take to resolve it, and recommend professionals who can provide longer-term services if needed.

Who will know that I am using EAP services?

All EAP services are provided in confidence, within specific legal restrictions. No one is given information about your participation in the EAP without your signed consent.

Who can use these EAP services?

The District’s EAP benefits are limited to its employees. Any employee of the district can obtain EAP services. Family members of the employee may, if appropriate, join in EAP sessions when the employee is obtaining EAP sessions; however, a family member cannot access the district’s EAP services directly

You may use sick leave to attend EAP sessions. If you have questions about eligibility, contact the district insurance coordinator at (515) 268-6643, or contact Ames Counseling and Psychological Services at (515) 239-4410.

How much will the EAP cost me?

As an employer-provided benefit, services provided during the three (3) counseling sessions are free to you. If help beyond the scope of the EAP is needed to resolve your problem, and you decide to seek further assistance, you assume the financial responsibility for all other services. Your counselor will try to refer and guide you to affordable resources or those that may be covered by your health insurance.

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