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About our Elementary Schools

Each of our five elementary schools represents a unique community. We provide parity for staff, resources and leadership, so each student at every school has an equal opportunity for success.

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Academic Philosophy

We ground our academic programs in recognized national and state standards, and adapt instruction to help each student meet learning milestones and fulfill their potential. Classroom strategies promote student engagement and facilitate learning in small groups where teachers can assess individual students at key touch points.

In each academic area, we stress students’ abilities to think deeply, solve problems and write well. We incorporate curriculum resources geared to students’ varied reading levels and interests. and extend and enhance learning through music, art, physical education and digital resources and technology tools.

With the goal of providing cohesive and consistent standards and practices district-wide, our staff collaborates, plans and deepens its expertise in professional learning communities at each building and across the district. We provide enhanced support for teachers through Instructional coaches, lead teachers and rigorous professional development opportunities.

Learning Environment

Responsive Classroom

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