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Parent Teacher Organization

Our Purpose Statement

  • Foster the development of positive relationships between teachers, students, and parents and guardians by promoting a sense of community among the groups.

  • Enhance the educational process for students by promoting and providing educational enrichment opportunities.  

  • Foster students’ positive school attitude by sponsoring and supporting efforts that are fun and build school spirit.

  • Support and show appreciation to the school staff.

  • Coordinate fundraising efforts to support PTO goals and operating expenses and provide larger scale items to enhance the school.  

Presidents Rochell Smith 
Vice President Megan Donner
Secretary Emily Alexander
Treasurer Jenna VanWinkle
Socail Media Manager Rebecca Ralston
Literacy Night Coordinator: Rachel Haynes
Book Fair Coordinator: Erik Stumpf
Butter Braid Coordinator Rebecca Ralston
Merry Mittens Coordinator Michelle Miller
Staff Appreciation Coordinator Laura Jensen
Restaurant Night Coordinator  Brittni Van
Square 1 Art Coordinator  Kendall McKeeman
Family Movie Night Coordinator  Joseph Podosky
Box Tops Coordinator  Melynda Emerson
Staff Contact Kristin Barber, Principal

PTO Agendas and Minutes:

 2019 Meeting Documents and Minutes 
 May 14th Meeting Agenda 
March Minutes 2019 
2018 Meeting Minutes 
September 11 (elections & budget)  Minutes from Sept. 2018 Meeting 
October 9  Minutes from October Meeting 
November 6  Minutes From November Meeting 
December 17 – Minutes from the December Meeting   




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