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At AMS, we strive to meet the needs of all students. Part of that includes meeting the needs of our high ability learners. Acceleration options are one of the many ways we meet these needs. Acceleration is not a one time, one size fits all opportunity.  There are multiple pathways and entry points into math acceleration, in order to make the paths as individualized as possible according to each student. 8th grade students have the option of Advanced Literacy.

Acceleration Process 

The Ames Middle School Acceleration process has undergone slight changes as a result of the shift in the required state assessment formerly known as the Iowa Assessment to the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress. As a result of this shift, data typically used for the acceleration process will be unavailable. All students will have access to acceleration through the Iowa Algebra Readiness Assessment  (IARA) given during the school day to all students within their math or homeroom classrooms. These assessments will provide a score utilized to aid in placement within accelerated courses. Options for accelerated courses include the following:
  • Incoming 6th-grade students

    • Compacted Math 6

  • Incoming 7th-grade students

    • Compacted 7/ 8 Math

    • Algebra I

  • Incoming 8th-grade students

    • Algebra I

    • Geometry (only available following successful Algebra completion)

We are excited this move will also provide a more equitable opportunity for all of our students to access accelerated courses through the use of a universal screener. Students wishing not to take the course can choose to opt out. If your student does not wish to test, please find the “Opt Out” form, complete, and return this to the main office of your building. Students currently taking Algebra or Geometry will not be included in the assessment.

Opt Out Form

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