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Student Services

Counseling staff provides information about course planning, college planning and financial aid, and a variety of student supports. The Student and Family Advocates are available to support students by identifying and addressing student mental health needs, providing crisis intervention, and teaching social/emotional skill development. 

Course Planning

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is closed. Reach out to your assigned school counselor for assistance. If you don’t know who your counselor is, see below. 

Course Planning/Registration Book Information

High School Planning and Career Center

Our Student Services Office provides a comfortable, welcoming planning center for students to manage their high school careers and get guidance and support for planning their post-secondary education and career options.

High School Planning and Career Center Information

Counselor Contact Information Counsels AHS Students (Based on Last Name)
John Burke photoJohn Burke 515-817-0600

12th Grade 2022: N – Z

11th Grade 2023: S – Z 

10th Grade 2024: Re – Z

9th Grade 2025: Reddy – Zhu 

ESL Students in all grades

Allison DiBlasi photoAllison DiBlasi 515-817-0600

12th Grade 2022: G – M 

11th Grade 2023: H – R

10th Grade 2024: H – Ra

9th Grade 2025: Hathaway – Read

Julie Bryant photo
Julie Bryant


12th Grade 2022: A – F 

11th Grade 2023: A – G 

10th Grade 2024: A – G 

9th Grade 2025: Allen – Harvey

Sonja Hayes photoSonja Hayes

Works with students in grades 9 – 12 who receive special education services or who participate in the AHS “at-promise” (ALP) program.

Department Staff

Catherine Monroe 
Student Services Secretary

The Student and Family Advocate provides individualized student support, promotes student engagement and acts as a liaison between school, parents and community resources to maximize education opportunities to each child. The Student and Family Advocate also serves as a point person to parents and guardians to support them in accessing community resources to address student or family needs.

Jean Muhammad

Kaitlyn Clark

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