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Ames High Eligibility Rule

To be eligible for athletics at Ames High a contestant must be under 20 years of age, be a full-time student and be in compliance with Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) and Ames High eligibility rules.

The following rules in italics are quoted from the Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) Scholarship Rules. For the full text of the IHSAA Scholarship Rules and accompanying clarifying questions/answers visit Click on School Resource Center, then Eligibility Information & Forms, and finally click on Guidance on Scholarship Rule.

A student is academically eligible upon entering the ninth grade.”

“If at the end of any grading period a contestant is given a failing grade in any course for which credit is awarded, the contestant is ineligible to dress for and compete in the next occurring interscholastic athletic contests and competitions in which the contestant is a contestant for 30 consecutive calendar days.”

At Ames High semester grades are the grades that count towards eligibility. A semester grade of INCOMPLETE (IN) results in the student being ineligible until the office is notified by the teacher that the IN has been taken care of and is now a passing grade.

AHS Withdrawal from a Class Policy: A student may drop a class up to 15 school days into the semester without penalty, if the student still has enough classes to be a full-time student.  If a student drops after the 15th school day of the semester or drops below full-time status, s/he will receive an “F” for the course.  The “F” will appear on the transcript and the student will be ineligible for 30 calendar days for athletic, music, or speech activities during the next semester.

“Remediation of a failing grade by way of summer school or other means shall not affect the student’s ineligibility. All failing grades shall be reported to any school to which the student transfers.”

“A student with a disability who has an individualized education program shall not be denied eligibility on the basis of scholarship if the student is making adequate progress, as determined by school officials, towards the goals and objectives on the student’s individualized education program.”

“A student is not eligible to participate in an interscholastic sport if the student has, in that same sport, participated in a contest with or against, or trained with, a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), or other collegiate governing organization’s sanctioned team. A student may not participate with or against high school graduates if the graduates represent a collegiate institution or if the event is sanctioned or sponsored by a collegiate institution. Nothing in this subrule shall preclude a student from participating in a one-time tryout with or against members of a college team with permission from the member school’s administration and the respective collegiate institution’s athletic administration.”

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