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Physical Education Clothing

Students must provide their own athletic-style clothing for P.E. class.

Clothing must have no buttons or zippers.

  • Shirts and sweatshirts
    • Crewneck style t-shirts and sweatshirts must have sleeves.
    • Shirts must be long enough to reach the hips.
    • Hoodie sweatshirts are acceptable, but the hood must be worn down for visibility/ safety.
  • Shorts and Sweatpants
    • Students must wear shorts and pants with the waistband at the waist.
    • Shorts must be long enough to reach the mid-line between the thigh and the knee. Compression shorts and pants may be worn under athletic shorts, but may not be worn as a substitute for shorts.
  • Shoes and socks
    • Students must wear athletic-style shoes that fit securely. Hiking boots, fashion boots, sandals, deck shoes, slip-on canvas, clogs, barefoot/Vibram shoes, are not permitted.
    • Students must wear socks. Socks can be any color. 
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