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Ames High Band Boosters


 Ames High Band Booster Membership Form 

Band Booster membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the Ames High band program: parents, relatives, community members, corporations and businesses. Membership is renewable annually. Membership dues are the primary funding source for the Band Booster organization.

Examples of past uses of Band Booster funds include:

Instrument Purchases: Some instruments are exclusive to marching band or are unlikely to bepurchased by individuals for personal use. Band Boosters help make it possible for the school to provide these instruments.

Marching Band Equipment: Band Boosters have helped to equip the band program with marching band uniforms, an observation tower, a drum major podium, a parade banner, and bottled water at parades and other marching band functions.

Audio Equipment: Used to record the bands for feedback at rehearsals and for sound reinforcement at jazz band performances.

Marching Band T-shirts: Each year, every band student receives a specially designed t-shirt to wear under his or her marching band uniform and as a “group uniform” for other events.

Senior Luncheon: Each year a luncheon is held to honor graduating band members. 

Band Boosters also have many volunteer opportunities that help support the band program. Activities include uniform management, student recognition, yard signs, band clothing, video production, and assisting with concerts, contests, parades, football performances, and the senior luncheon.

Band Booster Minutes 

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Iowa High
School Music Association

Chris Ewan
Director of Bands 
Percussion Specialist 
Wind Symphony, Marching Band
and Jazz II
Phone :
Email : chris.ewan

Andrew Buttermore 
Associate Director of Bands 
Brass Specialist  Ninth Grade Band, Symphonic Band, Assist Marching Band, Pep Bands
Email : andrew.buttermore

Nick Gardner 
Associate Director of Bands 
Woodwind Specialist –
Concert Band, Assist Marching Band, Jazz 
Email : 


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