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AHS Band All-State

2021 All-State Participants

Name Instrument
Carissa Andorf Clarinet III
Jerry Han Clarinet (orchestra)
Kai Johnson Clarinet I
Josie Mowrer Clarinet III
Hannah Song Clarinet II
Jacob Xing Clarinet III
Avery Suza Trumpet (orchestra)
Kailyn Thompson Horn II (orchestra)
Anleah Walker Horn IV (orchestra)
Alex Buttermore Bass Trombone
Jared Hutson Tuba
Ezekiel DeBoest Percussion (orchestra)
David Hauber 1st Alternate – Euphonium
Hailey Sibbel 1st Alternate – Bari Sax

2020 All-State Participants

Name Instrument
Ling Bai Horn 2
Alex Buttermore Bass Trombone (Orchestra)
Ava Chopskie Percussion
Jerry Han Clarinet 1
Kayley Helmer Clarinet (Orchestra)
Kai Johnson Clarinet 1
Lillie Kennedy Bassoon (Orchestra)
Mario Napolitano Trombone 1
Sofiya Palasyuk Clarinet 1
Avery Suza Trumpet (Orchestra)
Kailyn Thompson Horn 3
Madelyn Timmermans Cornet 3
Anleah Walker Horn (Orchestra 4)
Jacob Xing Clarinet 3
Sawyer Chopskie Alternate Percussion
David Hauber Alternate Euphonium
Hannah Song Alternate Clarinet

2019 All State Participants

Name  Grade  Instrument
Sarah Song 12 Clarinet (orchestra)
Kayley Helmer  11 1st Clarinet
Sofyia Palasyuk 11 1st Clarinet
Jerry Han 10 2nd Clarinet
Kai Johnson 10 3rd Clarinet
Carl Balvanz  12 Bass Clarinet
Lillie Kennedy 9 Bassoon
Madelyn Timmermans 11 2nd Trumpet
Avery Suza  10 Trumpet (orchestra)
 Kailyn Thompson  10  1st Horn 
 Isabelle Anderson  12   3rd Horn
 Ling Bai  10  4th Horn
 Anna Cullinan  12   Horn (orchestra)
 Mario Napolitano   10  Trombone
Nitzan Friedberg 12  Tuba
Ava Chopskie 10 Percussion
Erik Paskach 12 Percussion (orchestra)

2018 All State Participants

Name Grade   Instrument 
Caleb Kong 12 2nd Flute
Lillian Montabon 12 1st Clarine
Sarah Song 11 3rd Clarinet
Sofyia Palasyuk 10 2nd Clarinet
Kayley Helmer 10 2nd  Clarinet
Carl Balvanz 12 Bass Clarinet
Arthur Lubberstedt 12 1st Cornet
Emma Todey 12 2nd Trumpet
Avery Suza 9 3rd Cornet
Adam Eichhorn  12  1st  Trombone 
 Anna Cullinan  11  2nd Horn
 Izzy Anderson  11  4th Horn
 Nitzan Friedberg  11  Tuba
 Peter Jaynes  12 Tuba
 Erik Paskach 11   Percussion 
 Dominick McDonald  12   Percussion
 Zac Mueterthies  11  Bari Saxophone – 1st Alternate
 Mario Napolitano  9  Trombone – 2nd Alternate 
 Conner Schroeder  11  Euphonium – 2nd Alternate

2017 All State Participants

Name  Grade   Instrument 
Lillian Montabon  11  1st Clarinet
Grace Lee  12  2nd  Clarinet
Benjamin Moats  12   2nd  Clarinet
Lauren Cassaidy  12 3rd Clarinet
 Alyssa Romp  12  3rd Clarinet
David Kim 10   3rd Clarinet
Julia White 12 2st Alto Saxophone 
Nathan Paskach  12 1st Cornet 
David Tarté  12  1st Horn (orchestra)
Adam Eichhorn  11 1st Trombone 
Channing Che 12   2nd  Trombone
Peter Jaynes  11  Tuba 
Dominick McDonald  11  Percussion
Tianxin Xu  12  Flute –1st Alternate
Sam Packard  12  Tenor Saxophone – 1st Alternate
Anna Cullinan  10  Horn – 1st Alternate

All-State Results Prior to 2017

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