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Extended Learning Program Freshman Seminar

January 4, Workday


January 18, Expectations and SMART Goals

January 25, Honors & AP Course Instructors’ Overviews

Students will be introduced to Honors & AP course content and its various instructional approaches to content through a presentation lead by course instructors.  Students will have the opportunity to direct questions specific to gifted learning goals as well.

February 1, Registration and Acceleration Information – Start 4-Year Plan

Students will be oriented with the site where they can find helpful information to aid in determining the importance of future planning.  The discussion will include the impact your class choice makes in the long term for college planning, where they might find graduation requirements, and why we encourage students to start planning early! Students will also tour the AHS website, find the registration handbook, and be guided through a few important features.

4-Year Plan

February 8, Academic Planning: Four-Year Plans Part I

After an introduction to the resources and information available at, students will become familiar with the AHS graduation requirements while comparing such to those of selective and highly selective college admission requirements.  Students will be introduced to an organizational planning tool to create a fluid document to facilitate future AHS course planning.

February 15, Academic Planning: Workday Four-Year Plans Part II – Finishing Up

Students will apply learned information about graduation and college admission requirements by completing a Microsoft Word template that will document and facilitate proactive, individualized, ongoing course planning.

February 22, Jung Typology and Introvert/Extrovert Activities

Students will learn about the benefit of multiple learning and personality style assessments.  The whole group will complete the Jung Typology and record their score in the SMART goals sheet attached to this assignment  (students will make a copy and then add their personal information).  Students should take note of the I or E at the start of their code.  If the student receives an I, they should move to the back of the room, an E to the front.  Students will then go through a series of exercises to learn more about their personality type and how they interact with others.

March 1, Study Skills

March 8, Creativity

Two Iowa State professors will guest teach on ways to broaden your mind and help become a more creative thinker and problem solver. Students will engage in hands on practice with the strategies presented.

March 22, Resume Building – Do’s and Don’ts

Students will be provided a brief overview of the resume feature of Naviance, the benefits of beginning a resume early, and examples of resumes.  Students will then complete their own starter resume to practice the skills discussed.  

March 29, Resume Work Day

April 5, ELP Opportunities Panel

Students involved in various activities through ELP will discuss those opportunities, the benefits of being involved, and how these opportunities have enhanced their learning.

April 12,  ELP  Teamwork Activities

Students will participate in a series of challenging activities that highlight the importance of teamwork.  Students will reflect on the challenges and how the team was able to be successful, as well as possible causes for unsuccessful challenges.

April 19, Global Opportunities: World Food Prize – Video and Discussion

Mrs. Kuhns will present information about Dr. Norman Borlaug and The World Food Prize program as it relates to research, real world problem solving, and internship opportunities for high school and college students.  Information presented will include global food problems and internship application process and participation overview.

April 26, Volunteer Opportunities/Summer Employment Opportunities

Students will hear from Di Schmidt, volunteer for Raising Readers in Story County.  Mrs. Schmidt shared opportunities for students to volunteer with Ames Reads and Raising Readers in Story County.  Students can contact Mrs. Schmidt for more information on volunteer training.

May 3, Iowa State University Intern Research Presentations

Students will listen to the 2014-15 ISU Interns discuss their research, the benefits of participating, and how students may get involved in this program.  

May 10, ELP Seminar Folder Preparation

Students will develop a portfolio to use as a guide for future course, college and career planning in ELP.  ELP Student portfolios will contain completed Four-Year Plans, Personal Resume, College Search Results and Preferred College Profiles and a written personal goal for the upcoming academic year.  Application for ELP Study Center is also made at this time.

May 17, Folder Preparation and Reflections

May 24, Semester Final Preparation


Josh Gorman
AHS ELP Teacher
515-817-0600, Ext. 3295

Four Year Plan

Career Search Tool

College Board Tool

Juicebox Interactive