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Parent Teacher Organization

Our Purpose Statement

  • Foster the development of positive relationships between teachers, students, and parents and guardians by promoting a sense of community among the groups.
  • Enhance the educational process for Edwards Elementary students by promoting and providing educational enrichment opportunities.
  • Foster students’ positive school attitude by sponsoring and supporting efforts that are fun and build school spirit.
  • Support and show appreciation of the school staff.
  • Inform parents and guardians of school programs and school curriculum, and encourage their involvement.
  • Coordinate fundraising efforts to support PTO goals and operating expenses land provide larger scale items to enhance the school.


PTO Email



Jenn Plagmen-Galvin

Vice President

Wendi Swartz & Renee Vis


Dawn MacLeod 


Neysa Goodman





Jody Lickhart

Important Dates 2018-19

Open House/Ice Cream Social- Sept 13th

Carnival- Oct 26th

Science Night- Nov 13th

Sock Hop- March 22nd


2018 -19  PTO Meeting Dates  

September 10th     7pm
October 10th        1pm
November 12th      7pm
January 9th          1pm
February 25th         7pm
May 6th                   7pm (elections)

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