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Articles from October 2016

Congratulations to student musicians accepted to All-State

Hours of practice, lessons, support from parents and instructors, and a love of music have put 34 Ames High School students in the spotlight for next month’s All-State Music Festival. Chris Ewan, director of bands at Ames High School, said the results of All State auditions held this month represent an “extremely high number for any 4A high school in Iowa to achieve.”

“We are honored to have 23 band students, six orchestra students and five vocalists representing the hard work of our students,” Ewan said.

Ewan said about 17 students are selected for every 100 students who audition for the All-State Music Festival, under the auspices of the Iowa High School Music Association and the Iowa Music Educators Association.

The 70th Annual Iowa All-State Festival Concert is 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016 in Hilton Coliseum.

Band All-State Accepted & Alternates:

  • Eileen Murray – Flute (orchestra)
  • Maya Chen – 1st Flute
  • Maria Werner Anderson – 2nd  Flute
  • Caleb Kong – 2nd Flute
  • Tianxin Xu – 2nd Flute
  • Kevin Park  – Clarinet (orchestra)
  • Benjamin Moats – 1st Clarinet
  • Grace Lee – 1st Clarinet
  • Ana DiSpirito – 1st  Clarinet
  • Hayden Pritchard – 1st Clarinet
  • Lauren Cassaidy – 2nd Clarinet
  • Lillian Montabon – 2nd Clarinet
  • Neta Friedberg – 2nd Clarinet
  • David Kim – 3rd Clarinet
  • Joshua Zhao –  2st Alto Saxophone
  • David Vigil – 1st Trumpet
  • Nathan Paskach – 1st Cornet
  • David Tarte – 1st Horn
  • Isak Anderson –3rd Horn (orchestra)
  • Adam Eichhorn – 2nd Trombone
  • Channing Che – 3rd Trombone
  • Peter Jaynes – Tuba
  • Dominick McDonald – Percussion
  • Alyssa Romp – Clarinet –1st Alternate
  • Julia White – Alto Saxophone – 2nd Alternate
  • Sam Packard –Tenor Saxophone – 1st Alternate

Orchestra All-State Accepted:

  • Ryan Jeong – Violin I
  • Jana Kim – Violin 1
  • Maddie Tuggle – Violin I
  • Olivia Wong – Violin I
  • Kira Davis – Violin II
  • Grace Kim – Cello

Choir All-State Accepted:

  • Julie Michelle Manohar – Soprano
  • Eily Mickelson – Soprano
  • Natalie Bretey – Alto 
  • Josh Gartin – Bass
  • Andrew Bryant – Bass
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Drama Department presents “The Trouble with Cats”


The Ames High School Drama Department presents Gary Ray Stapp’s, The Trouble With Cats,  a comedy about the generational clash between a conservative middle-aged couple and a pair of millennial vegans double-booked to house sit a Minnesota lakefront home for an entire month. Intrusive neighbors and an all-women construction crew remodeling the master suite for the duration of the house sitters’ stay add to the comedic tension, and all the while, everyone is looking for PJ, the elusive cat.

Showtime is 7:30 p.m.,  Nov. 11 and 12,  in the Ames High School Auditorium.

Tickets are $5 for adults and students ninth grade and over, and $4 for students eighth grade and under.  The show runs a little more than two hours and is rated PG for mature humor.

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