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Articles from November 2015

Ames Middle School teams are Quiz Bowl State Champs

Ames Middle School seventh and eighth grade Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl Teams both placed first in the statewide contest, Friday, Nov. 20.

Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl is an online contest of information commonly covered in the middle school curriculum, along with trivia about sports, music, and current events. It is a timed group test, so students must be able to share information quickly and correctly.

The seventh grade team bested 26 other teams, earning a score of 1,191 to edge out the second place team, West Des Moines, by more than 60 points.

Representing the seventh grade: Rob Arbuckle. Ellie Barry, Ella Chopski, Ian Coffman, Caius Danley, Emma Dorhaut, Arunadee Fernando, Nao Furukawa, Kaleb Glover, Brandon Harold, David Jiang, Eliot Jurgensen, Ha Nguyen, Zeynep Oghan, Aria Pilcher, and Eddie Wei.

7th grade quizbowl

Seventh Grade Quiz Bowl team. Seated-L to R: Arunadee Fernando, Emma Dorhout, Ian Coffman, Kaleb Glover, David Jiang, Nao Furukawa, Eddie Wei. Back row-L to R: Aria Pilcher, Ella Chopskie, Caius Danley, Rob Arbuckle, , Zeynep Oghan, Eliot Jurgensen, Ha Nguyen, Brandon Harold, Ellie Barry

The eighth grade team competed among 42 teams from across the state to earn 1,284  out of 1,500 possible points, taking first place with 100 points more than the second place team.

Representing the eighth grade: Jinal Amin, Elizabeth Andrews, Silvia Ayndinyan, Lara Baker, Rianna Bloom, Kendra Caulfield, Jason Chen, Oliver Chen, Shria Chug, Andres Cordoba, Nathan Essner, Nitzan Friedberg, Hannah Huang, Bjorn Iverson, Justin Kenny, David Kim, Susanna Mkhitaryan, Mitchell Oh, Will Orth, Sayre Satterwhite, Simeon Steward and Joshua Webb.

eighth grade quiz bowl

Eighth grade team. Seated-L to R: Kendra Caulfield, Rianna Bloom, Hannah Huang, Susannah Mkhitaryan, Silvia Ayndinyan, Elizabeth Andrews, Lara Baker Standing L to R:Bjorn Iverson, Mitchell Oh, Oliver Chen, David Kim, Will Orth, Justin Kenny, Simeon Steward, Nathan Essner. Not Pictured: Jinal Amin, Shria CHug, Nitzan Friedberg, Sayre Satterwhite, Joshua Webb

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Monday, November 30, 2015


Attention all I-Ball players – Sign-up sheets are due back by Dec. 7 in the athletic office. Please make sure to include all team members and shirt designs on the sign-up.


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Friday, November 27, 2015


The Ames High School Music program had a great weekend Nov. 20­22 at the
Iowa High School All­State Festival with 37 students representing Ames High
involved. The concert will be shown on Iowa Public Television on Thursday
November 26 at 7:00 PM and again on Sunday November 29 at 12:30 PM. Some
of our students earned solo spots within their ensemble so I’m sure they will get
their share of air play.

Here are the students involved as well as their chair placement within the festival:


Fox Henson – Cello – 2nd Chair of 24

Grace Kim – Cello – 5th Chair of 24

Beau Henson – 1st Violin ­ 2nd Chair of 40

Jana Kim – 1st Violin ­ 3rd Chair of 40

Esther Lee – 1st Violin ­ 11th Chair of 40 ­ 4 year All­Stater

Tiffany Loe – 1st Violin ­ 17th Chair of 40 ­ 4 year All­Stater

Joanna Held – 1st Violin – 23rd Chair of 40

Maddie Tuggle – 2st Violin ­ 7th Chair of 40

Olivia Wong – 2nd Violin ­ 18th Chair of 40

Maya Chen – Flute ­ piccolo

Jonah DeGeest – Bassoon ­ 6th chair

Kevin Park – Clarinet ­ 1st chair

Nathan Paskach –Trumpet ­ 3rd chair

Isak Werner Anderson – 2nd Horn ­ 1st chair

Chloe Barry – Harp ­ 2nd chair


Julie Michell Monohar

Andrew Bryant

Thea Brenner

Hannah Hartmann


Caleb Kong – 2nd Flute ­ 1st chair

Maria Werner Anderson – 2nd Flute ­ 3rd chair

Yushi Hattori – 2nd Flute ­ 6th chair

Benjamin Moats – 1st Clarinet – 2nd chair

Emily Rehmann – 1st Clarinet – 3rd chair

Dagney Paskach – 1st Clarinet – 4th chair

Ana DiSpirito – 2nd Clarinet – 6th chair

Neta Friedberg – 2nd Clarinet – 7th chair

Braeden Weyhrich – 3rd Clarinet – 10th chair

Hayden Pritchard – 3rd Clarinet ­ 17th chair

Claire Dupuis – 1st Alto Saxophone – 2nd chair

Jessica Rehmann –Tenor Saxophone – 3rd chair

David Vigil – 1st Cornet ­ 2nd chair (also appears with All State Orchestra)

Malkan Santiago – 2nd Cornet – 5th chair

David Tarte – 1st Horn – 1st chair

Aaron Mann ­ 2nd Trombone ­ 2nd chair

Channing Che – 3rd Trombone – 1st chair

Isabel McLeod – Harp


The deadline to submit senior pictures for the yearbook is January 15.
Electronic submissions are preferred and can be emailed to Mr. Webb
at Wallet size hard copy can be placed in
Mr. Webb’s mailbox. Pictures should be a vertical head shoulder shot.


Tuesday, Dec. 1

BBB-10/9/V vs DSM North 4:45/6/7:45 pm

GBB-9/JV/V vs DSM North 4:45/6/7 pm

Thursday-Saturday Dec. 3-5

Madrigal Dinner 6:30 pm

Thursday, Dec. 3

BSwim-JV/V at Dowling 5:30 pm

WR-JV/V vs Ankeny Cent 6:30 pm

SCIBA HS Honor Band Auditions

Friday, Dec. 4

BBB-10/9/V at Hoover 4:45/6/7:45 pm

GBB-9/JV/V at Hoover 4:45/6/7:45 pm

Saturday, Dec. 5

BSwim-V Wittmer Invite 11 am

WR-JV/V Ames Duals 9 am


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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Attention all I-Ball players – it’s time to get your squad ready and sign up the 2016 season. Sign-up sheets are located in the athletic office and are due back by Dec. 7. Please make sure to include all team members and shirt designs on the sign-up.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Students are reminded that Wednesday 1st period starts at 7:50.   There is no late start, and we will dismiss Wednesday at 1:15.

Attention all I-Ball players – it’s time to get your squad ready and sign up the 2016 season. Sign-up sheets are located in the athletic office and are due back by Dec. 7. Please make sure to include all team members and shirt designs on the sign-up.

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Ames Middle School Mock Trial team is regional champion

Ames Middle School’s mock trial Team One won first place in the regional competition held November 5 in Mason City.

Mock Trial is designed to introduce sixth, seventh and eighth graders to the courtroom and legal system, and enhance their public speaking and critical thinking skills. Ames Middle School mock trial teams, led by teacher Shannon Fitchko, have worked hard since the beginning of the school year, preparing questions and memorizing courtroom procedures.


Congratulations to Hannah Huang, Justin Kenny, Nitzan Friedberg, Silvia Aydinyan, Tessa Huff, Maddie Shelton, Gemma Kreider, Amy Guan and Josie Dorius.


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Monday, November 23, 2015


Students are reminded that Wednesday 1st period starts at 7:50.   There is no late start, and we will dismiss Wednesday at 1:15.

Get recorded!  Sign up with Mr. Burke to get your original or cover music professionally recorded on Dec. 10 or 11.

Attention all I-Ball players – it’s time to get your squad ready and sign up the 2016 season. Sign-up sheets are located in the athletic office and are due back by Dec. 7. Please make sure to include all team members and shirt designs on the sign-up.

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Friday Announcements 11-20-15


The Ames High State Competition Cheer Squad, consisting of 22  fall cheerleaders, won their third championship in a row on November 7.  It is their fifth championship in 7 years. This year’s win was particularly special because AHS competed and won against 21 different 4A schools (previously there was a separate class for large 4A schools).  Besides the overall win, a Small Stunt Group of 5 girls placed third out of 18 teams in the Small Group division.

In addition to this great accomplishment, the State Competition Cheer Squad also won the overall Championship at the Triton Cheer Challenge held at Iowa Central Community College, Fort Dodge, on November 1.  AHS’s two Small Stunt Groups who participated took first and second in their division also.  The Triton Cheer Challenge hosted 25 schools across Iowa this year and provided a great opportunity to showcase skills prior to the state competition.

Congratulations to Sarah Friedrich, Sophie Straub, Jillian Blum, Tina Wandling, Emma Stewart, Zoe Hamstreet, Erin Prochaska, Emily Draper, Megan Meyn, Sari Brakke, Caroline Farner, Rylee Gibbs, Macee Buss, Olivia OBrien, Lisa Cochran, Allison McHenry, Anna Napalitano, Emily Wenger, Hannah Kruger, Hannah Heindel, Grace Perrin and Lindsey Paysen.  They are coached by Coach Sarah Buss.

Tickets are on sale for the 25th anniversary annual Madrigal Dinners to be held on December 3, 4 & 5.  Cost is $28.00.  Regular (pork), vegetarian and gluten free meals are available at the time of reservation.  For tickets please email Steve Linn at or call 817-0600 ext. 2238.

There will not be a late start on Wednesday, Nov. 25 (the day before Thanksgiving). Classes will begin at 7:50 am and dismiss at 1:15 pm. See the Nov. 25 schedule below.
SCHEDULE FOR WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 25 (the day before Thanksgiving)

No late start, no homeroom. Classes dismiss at 1:15 pm for Thanksgiving break
Warning Bell 0:05       7:45 AM
Period 1           0:32  7:50 AM    8:22 AM

Period 2           0:34 8:27 AM    9:01 AM

Period 3  0:32 9:06 AM    9:38 AM

Period 4  0:32 9:43 AM   10:15 PM
Period 5/ 1st Lunch 0:38 10:15 AM   10:53 AM

Lunch Class 0:33 10:53 AM   11:26 AM
Class 0:33 10:20 AM   10:53 AM

Last Lunch 0:38 10:53 AM   11:31 AM
Period 6 0:32 11:31 AM   12:03 PM

Period 7 0:31 12:08 PM   12:39 PM

Period 8 0:31  12:44 PM    1:15 PM

Financial Planning night is scheduled for December 9, 2015.  It will be held in the Ames High Cafeteria at 7PM.  This is an informational meeting for Senior parents, but all are welcome.

Tuesday, Nov. 24

GBB-JV/V at Roosevelt 6/7:30 pm

BSwim JV/V vs Johnston 5 PM

Wednesday, Nov. 25

AHS- No Late Start, No HR, Early dismissal at 1:15 PM

Thursday & Friday, Nov. 27 & 28

Thanksgiving Break

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Camp Sawyer Girls STEM group in the news

Every Thursday, most of the fifth-grade girls at Camp Sawyer Elementary School stay after school. They gather as part of new program started by three teachers to empower more girls to consider pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math-related fields.

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Lauren Powers, L and Lillie Kennedy, prepare to create an exothermic reaction at Camp Sawyer girls STEM group, Thursday, Nov. 19

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Kent Jahn receives “Teacher of Excellence” Award


Ames High School teacher Kent Jahn is the Iowa Industrial Technology Educators Association’s “Teacher of Excellence” for 2015. The Association presented the award, which goes to one Iowa high school industrial technology teacher each year, at the state Career and Applied Technology Conference, Oct. 30.

Jahn, who has been teaching Industrial Technology for 33 years with 18 of those years at Ames High School, says he has taught everything from Building and Trades to Computer Applications and Entrepreneurialism.

Jahn says over the course of his career he’s learned to adapt instruction to meet students at their level.

“I have students of high ability in the same class as those with low ability. Every student can benefit from being in Industrial Technology,” he said.  “I don’t want the low ability students to get behind and stressed out or fail nor do I want the high ability student to be held back. What I try to do is provide a basic outline of instruction to the point where I can get them started and then make myself available to provide instruction and personal guidance where it is needed.”

In Industrial Technology, students learn to problem solve and persevere, Jahn said.

“It’s an important life skill to develop the willingness to try and retry and then try again and realize that it is OK and that it is a part of learning,” he said..

Jahn says the value of Industrial Technology goes well beyond learning to use CAD software and honing woodworking skills.

“These students are learning that they do have abilities and they can do things that they never thought they could do,” he said. “They develop confidence and take pride in doing a job well and when they take a complex drawing or a finished wood project home and show it off to their family, there is a real sense of accomplishment and that feeling of ‘look what I did’”.

Jahn says he’s still learning, too.

“When there are so many things that are changing with technology and improvements of machines, it is really hard, if not impossible, for someone to learn everything,” he said. “So many of the things that I do with my classes I have had to learn along the way. I learn as much as the students do and sometimes I am learning from them.”

Above all, Jahn says his belief that each of his students is special has kept him in his profession and motivated him to keep improving as a teacher.

“I can’t imagine myself doing anything else,” he said.  “There are a lot of things that make teachers think about leaving the teaching profession but none of them have anything to do with the students. The students are what make teaching worthwhile and they keep all of us coming back.”

Editors note: This marks the second consecutive year an Ames High School Industrial Technology teacher has won this award. Craig Boylan was  the 2014 “Teacher of Excellence.”

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