Note: Northwood Preschool Center has openings for about 20 students in the afternoon session.

AMES—With seven months remaining in the school year, there are plenty of learning opportunities for 4-year-old children at Northwood Preschool Center, and it’s not too late to enroll.

Principal Brandon Schrauth said the Center has room for about 20 students in the afternoon session.

“We want to reach as many families as possible because early childhood education is so important,” Schrauth said.

It’s rewarding, he said, to see what a difference a quality preschool program makes for students as they make steady gains.

Keagan Rood, who has started his second year at Northwood as part of Ms. Kendra’s Learning Group, has begun to thrive socially, emotionally, and academically, for example, Schrauth said.

“He participates in learning activities, shares at snack time and speaks up to his friends about his interests,” he said.

Keagan, who is often interested in cars, gets many opportunities at preschool to use cars as a focus.

“I like to count cars, play with cars and read about cars,” Keagan said.
Schrauth said Keagan’s progress at preschool is by no means unusual.

“Keagan is a typical 4-year-old boy who is benefiting from all the ways Northwood Preschool Center puts students first,” Schrauth said. “What Keagan is experiencing at preschool is laying a foundation for him and his family for his social, emotional and academic growth for the rest of his life.”
According to NAEYC, the national accrediting organization for early childhood education, evidence is mounting that preschool education has far-reaching benefits for all children—from supporting their academic, social andemotional growth, to preventing students from dropping out later in their school career, even to helping them get better jobs as adults, Schrauth said.

Schrauth said Northwood’s program is NAEYC accredited and meets or exceeds the 10 Program Standards set by the organization.

Enrollment at Northwood  is free, and there are openings in the session that runs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12:20-3:20 p.m.

Parents and guardians who are interested in enrolling their 4-year-old children may pick up registration materials at Northwood Preschool Center, 3012 Duff Ave.