Using the Circle Drive at 8:15 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. for drop off:

• When entering the driveway from the street, do NOT block the driveway. If there is a long line, wait on the street. This is a fire lane as well as the bus entrance.

• The circle drive is a NO PASSING zone.

• There is NO parking in the circle drive.

• Pull up to the front of the Drop Off Zone. There are 3 unloading spots in front of the walkway and 2 spots behind the walkway.

• Adults will be at the Drop Off Zone to help each child get out of the vehicle and into the building safely.

• Children must be seated on the passenger side of the back seat.

• The car should be in “Park” before the child gets out.

• For safety precautions—this is a NO PHONE ZONE.

When using the Parent Parking Lot:

• Make sure child stays with the adult at all times.

• Carefully walk the child across the street.

• Teachers arrive in the entryway at 8:25 in morning and at 12:20 in afternoon.

• Stay in the school entryway with the child until contact has been made with the child’s teacher.