The Meeker parking lot is finally finished!

There are three lanes connected to 20th Street. One is the entrance lane; one is for exiting turning right onto 20th and one is for exiting turning left onto 20th. As you enter the parking lot, you will swing out to the right.

There are two lanes around the outside of the parking lot. The right one is for dropping students off. The left lane is for driving around other cars after you have dropped off your child.

If you are dropping students off, you may pull over to the curb anywhere for students to exit your vehicle on the right hand (curb) side. There is a sidewalk all the way around the parking lot, so you do not have to be right in front of the building; students can be dropped off anywhere along the sidewalk and walk to the building. This right lane is for drop off only; there is NO parking in the right lane. Please pull over close to the curb to drop off. After the student is out of your vehicle, please pull out carefully into the left lane, drive around other cars dropping off in the right lane, and exit the parking lot/drop off area.

If you wish to park in the lot and walk your student into the building, you may use any of the parking places in the middle of the lot (inside the drop off lane). Please do not let students walk through the parking lot without you. It is very dangerous to have children walking or running through the middle/parking area. There will be cars in every direction, so keep your student by your side if you choose to park and walk into the building.

To make sure the traffic flow is safe and orderly, please keep these thoughts in mind:

  • Students can be dropped off anywhere along the outside/right sidewalk. In fact, 20 cars could let students out at the same time, all along the sidewalk. Dropping off all along the sidewalk, rather than only right in front of the door, will make the line flow and get everyone on their way much faster.
  • Please have your student ready to exit when you pull up. When students are finishing breakfast in the car, stuffing things into their backpacks, or finishing getting dressed, it holds up the line for everybody. A hug and kiss goodbye at home, before you leave, will also save time.
    Please don’t ever let students out in the left lane. It is dangerous to have them dashing between cars. Use the right lane, closest to the curb, only.
  • The bus drive is restricted to BUS DROP OFF ONLY.
  • There will be adults out on the street and down by the building to help with traffic flow. We hope that our finished parking lot will help us more quickly and more safely than ever!