This will be a year like none other.  Please know that we are dedicated to supporting the start of the school year.  We know that there are still many hurdles and bumps in the road, but we will work together to get them resolved.

Along with communication regarding your student(s) rotation number, parents and students will have access to student schedules today.  The counselors have worked diligently to eliminate open periods and to ensure that students have the courses they need.  With that said, we also recognize that there is still much more work to do.   Please be patient with counselors as they work to resolve individual student schedule issues.  Here are the things that counselors will be able to address:

    •    Ensure that students have all their required courses
    •    Fix incorrect courses (i.e. Honors World studies instead of World Studies)
    •    Accommodate dual enrollment/PSEO class schedules
    •    Change elective courses (if available)
    •    Eliminate open periods/assign study halls (9-12)

At this point, we can’t make changes due to teacher/period preferences.  We will focus primarily on first semester courses only.

Please note: To ensure that students are assigned to a classroom throughout the school day, counselors have filled some schedules with available courses.  Please don’t be alarmed by the changes.  If a student wants to switch elective classes, we will make every effort to accommodate.

Homeroom teachers and Special Education teachers will contact students on their rosters to ensure that students and parents are aware of the educational delivery models available to them this year, as well as to assess student and family needs (housing, food, technology, etc.).  Some families may receive more than one call if you have multiple students at the high school.  Please review your Infinite Campus contact information to make sure it’s up to date.  Dates and times allocated for Parent/Teacher conferences are as follows:

    Monday, August 31:            8 – 4
    Tuesday, September 1:        10 – 6
    Wednesday, September 2:     8 – 4
    Thursday, September 3:        11 – 7
    Friday, September 4:        8 – 4

These conferences will be via phone and virtually, depending on parent preference and availability.

The AHS staff have taken time over the summer in order to put together a comprehensive school supply list.  You can find it HERE

Due to the rising Covid-19 rates in Story County, we will cancel our Ninth Grade orientation (scheduled for Wednesday, September 2) and New Students (scheduled for Friday, September 4) orientation.  The district is planning a centralized device distribution and will contact families with more specifics.

Reminder to fill out your students registration packet if you haven’t already done so. It is very important to have work processed before school starts to make the transition run smoothly. Parking permit hang tags need to be assigned, activity stickers need to be placed on ID’s, the nurse needs all updated medical history forms reviewed and filed. If you still have forms, please complete them now and mail them in or drop them off in the office at AHS.

Due to the rising Covid-19 rates in Story County, we will cancel our Picture Day, scheduled for Thursday, September 3.  We will notify families when this is rescheduled.

All sophomores and juniors are highly encouraged to take the PSAT test given at the high school on October 14th and 29th. This test is a good practice test for the SAT or ACT college admissions test and is a mandatory qualifying test for juniors seeking National Merit Scholarships.  It also will prompt colleges to contact your student with admission invitations.

Registration for the PSAT will be taken throughout the first week of school (Sept. 8th-11th). The cost of the test is $17. Please submit exact cash or a check made out to Ames High School in an envelope to the Main Office. On the envelope please clearly write:

PSAT test
Your student’s name
Your student’s grade level

You will be emailed confirmation that your registration was received.

The two most efficient methods of notifying the school of an absence are by signed note or phone call. Please call the Attendance line at 515-817-0601 first thing in the morning if your child will be absent from school. If you know the night before an absence, you may call and leave a message. Messages may be left on the attendance line 24/7. These messages are checked regularly during school hours, and entered into Infinite Campus. Please do not email absences to the secretaries, as these notifications are not processed as efficiently and could result in an absence not being excused.


If you know in advance of an upcoming extended absence due to a college visit, surgery, travel plans or family events, your student will need to obtain a Prior Form from the Main Office. In order to obtain a prior, your student will need to bring a signed note from a parent/guardian indicating the dates and reason for the absence, the secretary will attach that note to the prior form, the student will then have his/her teacher sign the form to alert them about the absence. At that time the teacher will let the student know if there is work that needs to be turned in prior to the absence or after the student returns from the absence. Once the Prior form is filled out completely, the student will turn it into the Attendance secretary prior to the absence.


We recognize that students may come to school feeling fine, but exhibit symptoms at some point during the day. In addition, we know that many students seek the nurse for non-illness related reasons. We want to ensure that these two groups of students have little to no interaction, yet are able to obtain the school-base nursing assistance they need. As such, we have implemented the following protocols:

1.  Students exhibiting symptoms of illness will need a pass from the classroom teacher indicating sick (COVID-suspected illness) vs. well pass (S vs.W)

2.  Students with an S pass will enter the nurse’s office through the door closest to the Activities main door. The sign above the door indicates that is the nurse’s office. The building has established a designated waiting and treatment area for students with COVID-related or COVID-suspected symptoms.

3.  Students with a W pass will enter the Auxiliary Main Office (typically referred to as the Principal’s Office) to check in with Mrs. Kathy Packer who will contact the nurse via radio.

4.  Students seeking non-COVID-related treatment will go to the existing treatment room.

The nurse records attendance for those who leave the building for illness during the school day. If a student does not go through the nurse, the absence will not be excused.

Due to many changes during the week please click on the link below for the schedule of athletic events.