As we start a new school year, we have also started our new building construction. Please be mindful as you drop off and pick up students during the day. There is a lot of construction truck traffic and we want everyone to be cautious and safe.


Lifetouch will be taking Ames High students school picture in the Spirit Room on Monday, August 19 from 8AM-4PM for all 9th-11th grade students. Enter the building through the Activities Entrance. Pictures are taken on a walk in basis, no appointment is necessary. Picture packets forms may be picked up in all offices at AHS or parents can go online at enter code BN109007Q0 to order and pay for a picture package.. Extra picture packets can be picked up on picture day. All non-seniors students MUST have their picture taken, as these pictures are used in the Yearbook and for student ID’s. If for some reason your child is not able to attend, another date, yet to be decided, will be held after the start of the school year. We can’t stress enough the importance of these pictures being taken.


Friday, August 23 freshmen students only will begin school from 7:50 AM – 1:15 PM.

Students will tour the school, follow their class schedule and meet teachers and administrators. School lunch will be available or bring your own. 

Bus Routes Will Run.


All 10th-12th grade students new to Ames High will have Orientation on Friday, August 23 from 1:00-2:00 PM. Please report to the cafeteria at 1:00 PM where AHS student ambassadors will be there to greet our new students.


The Ames High Booster Club Fall Kickoff is FRIDAY, AUGUST 23. Gates open at 5:30 pm. Come support your Little Cyclones, pick up your Booster membership packets and buy the latest spirit apparel. Fall sports parent meetings following the varsity football introductions.


Volleyball-Media Center

Fall Cheer-Multi Purpose Room

Swimming- Athletic Video Room #123

Boys CC-Auditorium

Girls CC- Sat. August 24 Brookside Park Maple Shelter 9 AM


Monday, August 26, 2019. Students will begin with a 15 minute homeroom at 7:50 AM to receive computers, ID’s, parking hang tags, locker information, etc. The first day of school schedule will be in next weeks Friday email.


The regular schedule that we follow on Monday, Thursday and Friday.  

M, R, F  Schedule

Warning Bell 0:05   7:45 AM


Period 1 0:42 7:50 AM            8:32 AM

Period 2 0:44       8:37 AM   9:21 AM

Period 3 0:41      9:26 AM 10:07 AM

Period 4 0:41    10:12 AM 10:53 AM

Period 5/ 1st Lunch     0:38    10:53 AM   11:31 AM

Lunch Class 0:41      11:31 AM   12:12 PM

Class 0:41                 10:58 AM   11:39 AM

Last Lunch 0:38         11:39 AM   12:17 PM

Period 6 0:41             12:17 PM   12:58 PM

PLUS    0:30                1:03 PM   1:33 PM

Period 7 0:41               1:38 PM   2:19 PM

Period 8 0:41              2:24 PM   3:05 PM


BLOCK SCHEDULE (New this year)

The block schedule we will follow on Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday ODD

Warning Bell 0:05   7:45 AM

Period 1 0:90 7:50 AM     9:20 AM

Period 3 0:90 9:30 AM   11:00 AM

Period 5/1st lunch 0:40 11:10 AM   11:50 AM

Class 0:90 11:55 AM     1:25 PM

Class 0:90 11:10 AM   12:40 PM

           2nd lunch 0:40 12:45 PM     1:25 PM

Period 7 0:90   1:35 PM     3:05 PM

Wednesday EVEN

Warning Bell 0:05            7:45 AM

Period 2 0:90                  7:50 AM     9:20 AM

Period 4 0:90                  9:30 AM   11:00 AM

Period 6/1st lunch 0:40   11:10 AM   11:50 AM

Class 0:90                       11:55 AM     1:25 PM

Class 0:90                       11:10 AM   12:40 PM

           2nd lunch 0:40      12:45 PM     1:25 PM

Period 8 0:90                   1:35 PM     3:05 PM



Breakfast doors will open at 7:15 AM and close at 8:00 AM. Students will have time to eat breakfast before the 7:50 AM class start time. 



Monday, August 19

AHS School pictures 8AM-4PM

Marching Band Workshop 1 PM

BGolf- V/JV vs Ankeny 9 AM

Tuesday, August 20

Marching Band Workshop 1 PM

Wednesday, August 21

Marching Band Workshop 1 PM

BGolf- V/JV vs Urbandale 9 AM

Friday, August 23

Freshman 1st day of school/Orientation 7:50 AM

10th-12th grade New Student Orientation 1 PM-2 PM Cafeteria

AHS Fall Sports Kickoff Gates open at 5:30 PM, parent meetings follow.

BGolf-V/JV vs Ankeny Centennial 9 AM

Saturday, August 24

Girls Cross Country Parent meeting, 9 AM Brookside Park

Monday, August 26

1st day of classes for all