Ames High School musicians will make another record showing at the Iowa All-State Music Festival, November 20-21. After auditioning Saturday, Oct. 24, in Indianola, 22 band students, 11 orchestra students and four vocalists were accepted. Three band students are alternates.

Band director Andrew Buttermore said according to records dating back to 1973, this is the second consecutive year Ames High School Band has broken its All-State record.

“The students worked hard and they were rewarded with these results,” Buttermore said. “I’m proud to be their teacher.”

Buttermore said the students were competing against much larger schools.

Band director Chris Ewan said Ames High School appreciates the community’s support of the band and music programs.

Band All-State Accepted and Alternates:

Maya Chen – Flute (orchestra)

Maria Werner Anderson – 2nd  Flute

Yushi Hattori – 2nd Flute

Caleb Kong – 2nd Flute

Jonah DeGeest – Bassoon (orchestra)

Kevin Park  – Clarinet (orchestra)

Dagney Paskach – 1st  Clarinet

Emily Rehmann –  1st Clarinet

Benjamin Moats – 1st Clarinet

Ana DiSpirito – 2nd  Clarinet

Neta Friedberg – 2nd Clarinet

Braeden Weyhrich – 3rd  Clarinet

Hayden Pritchard – 3rd Clarinet

Claire Dupuis –  1st Alto Saxophone

Jessica Rehmann –Tenor Saxophone

Nathan Paskach –Trumpet (orchestra)

David Vigil – 1st  Cornet

Malkan Santiago – 2nd Cornet

David Tarte – 1st Horn

Isak Werner Anderson – 2nd Horn (orchestra)

Aaron Mann  – 2nd Trombone

Channing Che – 3rd Trombone

Eileen Murray – Flute – 1st Alternate

Tianxin Xu – Flute – 2nd Alternate

Cole Thompson – Trombone – 2nd Alternate

Orchestra All-State Accepted

Chloe Barry – Harp 2 Orchestra

Isabel McLeod – Harp 2 Band

Fox Henson – Cello

Grace Kim – Cello

Esther Lee – Violin I (four-year All-Stater)

Tiffany Loe – Violin I (four year All-Stater – Gilbert student)

Joanna Held – Violin I

Jana Kim – Violin I

Beau Henson – Violin I

Maddie Tuggle – Violin II

Olivia Wong – Violin II

Choir All-State Accepted:

Julie Michelle Manohar

Andrew Bryant

Thea Brenner

Hannah Hartmann