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Ames High Stadium Student Guidelines

Little cyclone mascot logoOur objective is that all fans have a safe and enjoyable time cheering on the Ames High band, cheerleaders, and football team. To do so, we have guidelines for Friday night events at the Ames High stadium. 


  • All students (K – 12) must be seated in the stadium by the kickoff of the game (7 p.m.).  Students have the choice to sit with their parents or in the assigned section in the stadium.
  • All students must bring their school ID with them to the game so they can be identified.
  • If students choose to sit in the middle school/elementary area, they are expected to sit there until halftime.  Students who need to leave the area before halftime must give their school ID to the supervisor and return within 15 minutes.  If a student cannot produce a school ID, the student will not be allowed to leave the area until halftime.  Supervisors will not accept any other forms of personal property.
  • Once halftime is over, the students are expected to be back in their seats for the second half and the same rules will apply for the second half that were in place for the first half.
  • Students K – 12 will not be allowed to congregate anywhere in the stadium unless it is in their assigned sections.
  • If students don’t follow these expectations, they will be asked to leave Ames High School property.
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