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Educational Public Access Television

 Public Access Cable Broadcast Channel 7 / 85 for

 Digital Boxes  on 121.7 for built in Digital Tuners.


The Ames CSD will End Broadcast on Mediacom Channel 7
Effective July 1, 2020. 

For school district related videos, please visit the District’s YouTube Channel. Youtube

The Ames Community School District’s public access channel informs the community and promotes the District’s mission through broadcasts of public meetings, instructional activities and District-sponsored activities and events.


Cable Broadcast Schedule 




ACSD logo View the latest Board Meeting 
Broadcast on YouTube Live 


Past Board Meetings Board Meeting Airs
@ 6:30 pm
MediaCom Cable
Watch it Now


 Airs @ 6:19 am 
    10268 pm 

 PBIS / Learn and Listen #3 


PBIS / Learn and Listen #3  Airs at :
 3:30  pm 



HolidayBand   Airs @ 
11:45 pm 
AHSCoffeehouse Airs at :

4:29 pm 
8:51 pm 
11:25 pm 

 Episode           Title             Guest 

 #009- Police in Schools with  S.R.O. Don Johnson 

 #008 – Talking Dyslexia with Nina Lorimor-Easley

 #007 – Data-Informed Decisions  – Dr. Chad Dumas 

 #005 &  #006  – Critical Consciousness with Dr. Katy Swalwell
  ( Parts 1 & 2 together at 8:34 am ) 

 #004 – School Mental Health with Dr. Jennifer Ulie-Wells

# 003 – Building Culture with Principal Yonas Michael 

# 002 – Modeling Strategies with Dr. Jeff Hawkins 

#001- Educational Leadership with Superintendent Jenny Risner


Airs At : 
7:05 am ( All Episodes ) 

Additional Rebroadcast of
Recent  Episodes

5:34 pm 
9:15 pm 
School Resource Officer Don Johnson
“Police in Schools”

2:05 pm
6:05 pm   & 8:02 pm 
  #008  – Talking Dyslexia with Nina Lorimor-Easley

8:54 pm  – Critical Consciousness with Dr. Katy Swalwell 
# 5 & #6 

The Amazing Education Podcast
is currently available on iTunes,Google Play, Podbean and YouTube  

 Ames High Guest Speaker – Monica Hesse 

Author and journalist Monica Hesse
discusses her writing process at Ames High.


Airs at : 
2:26 pm 





A Short documentary film.  Last year, we followed Ames Middle School student (now an incoming freshman), Grace McCunn, as she fundraised for Blank Children’s Hospital. The film was honored to be involved in 6 film festivals this year across the country. Grace is hosting her third annual 5K race on July 27 at Ada Hayden with more on their Facebook page

 MediaCom Cable


And on the District’s YouTube Channel.


“How to Plan for College 2019-20”

Iowa College Access Network
  College Financial Aid 
and Filling Out the FAFSA 

with Erich Danielson



MediaCom Cable Airs @    12:50 PM 

AHS Shout

 News and Student Interest produced by
Ames High School Students.

 MediaCom Cable          

Watch Past Versions   on YouTube 

 Adam Carroll 
 “How Ordinary Students Get Extraordinary Money for School” 

Author of “Winning the Money Game” , Documentary Film “Broke Busted and Disgusted ” and  Guest Speaker at TedX London.

Adam spoke to students at  Ames High School Career Day 2018.

For more information Visit



Future Ready Ames High Guest Speaker – Scott Siepker 


Airs @ 

Lyndsey Fennelly Keynote Speaker Mental Health Conference at Ames High.

She spoke about her personal struggles for the first time in public in a riveting and inspirational talk. Her mission is the raise the awareness, break the stigma. November 15, 2018


 Watch it Now       YouTube

DMACC Career Academy 

John Kinley & DMACC Students
Story County Consortium Director  
Des Moines Area Community College
Career Academy Opportunities at Ames Hunziker Center 
  An Ames High Learning Lunch 


More Content On Our Official ACSD Youtube


 Dr. Clay Cook 

The Why : Intergration of a Continuim of Social , Emotional and Behavioral Supports. 
Dr. Clay Cook is the John and Nancy Peyton Faculty Fellow in Child and Adolescent Wellbeing at the University of Minnesota and Associate Professor in the School Psychology Program




Online Multi Occupational Curriculum 
Life Skills Guest Lecture Series

Local Leaders
whose participation helps support our Public Access Channel

Going Places  – Technology Career Path
Josh Betram

Sr Software Engineer at Rockwell Collins

Working Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Watch it Online 


Ben Schmitt 
Being Prepared for New Career
Opportunities in Technology

Dwolla :  InfoSecurity/Security Risk Manager
Watch it Online 



College Info Geek. Com”
Thomas Frank

Entrepreneurial Start Up

Online You Tube Channel 







Juicebox Interactive