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Technology Initiatives

Our vision for technology in education presupposes the need to prepare students for a future characterized by change.

By teaching students to use digital technology effectively, we will help them develop skills as critical thinkers and problem solvers—actively engaged in learning through gathering, organizing, analyzing and interpreting information, and by hypothesizing, exploring and inventing.

Our technology plan continually adjusts and improves to integrate curriculum support and staff development with technology systems and infrastructures that keep pace with new and remodeled facilities designed for 21st Century learning.

On May 23, 2013, the Ames Community School Board voted unanimously to begin a 1:1 laptop initiative at Ames High School. This was a landmark decision for the board as the District had been evaluating, researching and planning for a 1:1 initiative for at least five years.

  • Create 21st Century learners who create, collaborate and communicate.
  • Eliminate the digital divide.
  • Use digital tools for academic and personal learning.
  • Personalize learning for all students centered around  their individual needs and goals.
  • Support students in becoming good digital citizens.

The first year of the 1:1 initiative was so successful, the District embarked on its second phase for the 2014-15 school year, issuing Chromebooks to each middle school student.

The 1:1 initiative will continue as staff and the Board explore options for the final phase for elementary schools.

Technology Services

Board Policy governs the use of Technology and Instructional materials.

Board Policy 605.4 


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