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Teacher Leadership

Ames Community School District received a grant to launch its teacher leadership plan through Iowa’s Teacher Leadership and Compensation System. The system is designed to tap into the expertise of top teachers to improve classroom instruction, raise student achievement, attract and retain more effective teachers, and reward teachers for extra responsibilities. Ames has long been ahead of the state’s education reform in providing instruction that meets students’ individual needs and in creating ways for teachers to collaborate.

Professional Development Leads

Melissa Carlson
Teaching and Learning Professional Development Lead

Shaeley Santiago
English Language Learners Professional Development Lead

Jesica Sidler
Equity Professional Development Lead

Karen Tungesvik
Teaching and Learning Professional Development Lead

Instructional Coaches




Johanna Hicks
Jill Spencer


Terri Boeding-Lincoln
Laura Clausen


Holly Carter
Christy Franco
Colleen Hahn
Megan Larson
Holly Shirbroun


Kim Frantz


Amanda Bartelson
Amanda Kabrick
Marah Marshall
Charlyn Mason


Hannah Huey-Jones
Angela Miller

Ames Middle School

Spencer Esslinger
Lisa Green

Ames High School

Andy Fecht
Jacob Salladay
James Webb

Behavior Coordinator

Alicia Ortner

Mentor Teachers

School Name
Meeker Ondrea Dellmann
Sawyer Allison Fisher
AMS/Mitchell Jill Gale
Meeker Amber Litwiller
Sawyer Jessamy McKinney
Juicebox Interactive