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COVID-19 Dashboard

In an effort to share how COVID-19 is impacting our District, this dashboard will show as much information as possible, while also protecting the privacy of those affected. We share this with you to make well-informed decisions for your family. This dashboard will be updated daily, Monday through Friday with data reported as of 7 a.m. that day.

This data is based on what has been self-reported to the District.


Student Data

Staff Data

Currently Positive for COVID-19

Currently Positive for COVID-19 (Remote Campus)

Quarantining as Close Contacts Currently Positive for COVID-19 Quarantining as Close Contact
PK/Elementary Schools <6 0 15 0 0
Ames Middle School 0 0 <6 0 0
Ames High School <6 <6 <6 0 0

Community Indicator

Story County 14-Day Average New Cases/100,000

Risk Level Color

Story County 14-Day Positivity





See Guidance Indicators for Risk Level Color Information

School Indicators


Student Absence Rate 5-Day

Staff Absence Rate 5-Day

Risk level color(s)

Current Education Model

Elementary Schools (All PK-5)




100% In-Person

Ames Middle School




100% In-Person

Ames High School




100% In-Person

See Guidance Indicators for Risk Level Color Information

Historical Data

Date Story County Tests Reported Story County Positives Reported 14 Day New Case Avg / 100K 14 Day Positivity ACSD Metric Risk Level
4-15 104 7 14.3 4.20% Green
4-14 395 11 15.7 4.40% Green
4-13 489 15 16.7 4.50% Green
4-12 477 20 17.8 4.80% Green
4-11 275 2 19.4 5.10% Green
4-10 83 4 20.1 5.20% Green
4-9 259 15 21.1 5.40% Green
4-8 305 28 21.2 5.20% Green
4-7 557 12 21 5.10% Green
4-6 448 23 22.9 5.50% Green
4-5 553 28 22.9 5.50% Green
4-4 96 5 22.4 5.40% Green
4-3 251 6 22.4 5.20% Green
4-2 349 20 22.4 5.30% Green

See Guidance Indicators for Risk Level Color Information

Historical Data Notes:

  • All data is pulled from the official Iowa COVID cases data
  • Historical data will be updated as more results are reported. 
  • Counts will change as new data comes in.
  • Indicator uses previous day’s results to account for limited data on the current day. 


COVID-19 Guidance Indicators & Recommended Educational Model
Guidance Indicators

Risk Level Color

School Indicators

Community Risk Indicator (Story County)

(Green – Lowest Risk to Red Highest Risk)

Student Absence Rate due to Illness

Staff Absence Rate  due to Illness or Covid Related Factors

14-Day Cases Per Day Rate/100K

14-day Positivity









Override if >60


Override if >/=20%

Educational Model


100% In-person Learning for all levels PK-12, 6 feet social distancing maintained when masks cannot be worn (when eating)


100% Remote Learning for all, pending approval from Iowa Department of Education. (Note: Requires >15% positivity to get approval)

Indicators are used by the school board as guidance to use in their decision for ACSD’s educational model.  These help to inform decision-making but are not the only factors considered.  The board and district also take into account factors such as academic needs, student social/emotional well-being, staff feedback, and medical community guidance.

When considering the indicators, decisions should be made based upon the highest school indicator. If at any point the community risk rises above the override level, then the overall indicator moves to red.  This allows the community risk to be a leading indicator to communicate the current situation in the community outside of the school buildings.  An exceedingly high community spread may indicate an immediate change is needed to prevent putting students and staff at high risk.

Note that absence rates are only approximations of impact to school operations. The school indicator level will be determined by building leaders based on their available staff and the impact on effectively running the building. 

On a daily basis, the ACSD Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) will track school and community indicators. The EMC will communicate these numbers to Superintendent Risner, who will make a recommendation to the ACSD Board of Directors when data indicates a shift in the educational model may be necessary.

Building Level Controls and Recommendations

  • Move classroom (or student group at the Middle/High School level) to remote learning if:
    • There are two unrelated cases in the same classroom. Students or staff not from the same household or outside of school connections. 
    • If the classroom experiences >5% absences due to illness.
  • Apply to move the entire building to temporary remote learning if >10% absences related to illnesses for students or staff.

Indicator Definitions

Student Absence Rate due to Illness – The number of students absent due to illness of any reason, not limited to COVID-19. This indicator follows Iowa Department of Education guidance for calculating the absence rate due to illness by removing those quarantining due to COVID exposure from the total expected student attendance that day. This indicator is calculated at both the building and district levels.

The values corresponding to the risk ranges are based upon historical data and Iowa Department of Education/Iowa Department of Public Health recommendations. 

Staff Absence rate per building – The number of staff absent for the following reasons: illness due to any reason, quarantining due to close contact exposure, or unable to work due to COVID-19 related child care concerns. Absence reasons other than illness are included in this indicator because staff absence directly impacts appropriate student instruction and supervision. This indicator is calculated at both the building and district levels. 

The values corresponding to the risk ranges are based upon historical data, and the ability to obtain substitute teachers and other staff.

14-Day Cases Per Day Rate/100,000: number of people who test positive in Story County. This case rate is determined by taking the 14-day total number of positive new cases identified, dividing by 14 to determine a daily rate, and then converting it to a value per 100,000 people.

The values corresponding to the risk ranges are based on an adjustment to the ACSD initial metrics and feedback from local medical experts.

ACSD Educational Model Definitions:

100% In-person Learning: On-site in buildings with face-to-face instruction for all students given the application of the CDC’s Five Key Mitigation Strategies: consistent/correct use of masks, social distancing to the largest extent possible, reinforced hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, cleaning and disinfection, and contact tracing for positive cases in collaboration with the local health department.

Remote/Online Learning: Remote learning, all opportunities to interact with staff and students occur virtually. 

ACSD definitions for Education Models differ from those listed in the Iowa Department of Education(DE)/Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) Guidelines. According to the Iowa DE & IDPH Guidelines, hybrid refers to students participating in online learning by parent choice/request, ACSD uses Remote Campus to describe this form of online learning. 

Also, Iowa DE & IDPH guidelines designate that Remote/Online Learning for a building or district must be requested from the Iowa DE & IDPH and may be temporarily approved (up to 14 day period). This process may take up to 48 hours for approval.

Note: These guidelines and recommendations do not apply to students and families that have requested online learning as their primary model of instruction. 

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