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Technology Services

Our vision for technology as a learning tool is to develop 21st Century learners who create, collaborate and communicate. We aim to provide equipment, devices and infrastructure to eliminate the digital divide and support students in becoming good digital citizens.

   Digital Learning and Living Resources For Parents 

Amazing Magazine Vol 2 cover

 Amazing Magazine Vol. #2  Spring 2018 

  Education In the Cloud 
“How the Ames CSD Leverages Technology
    In the Classroom”

 District Technology Policies and FAQ 

Technology Training

 Board Policy 604.2  on Student Use of Information Resources and Computer Networks 

Technology learning in the news

District News : 
New Director of Equity and New Director of Technology 

Department Staff

Cathy Fitzgerald
Information Manager

Nick Post
Network Administrator

Damon Byg
Information Technician

Dallas Thies
Information Technician

Barb Chieves 
Information Technician



Patrick Donovan

Director of Technology

Ames Community School District Educational Services Center
2005 24th St.
Ames, Iowa 50010

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