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The Ames Community School District commits to equity and access that empowers every individual to reach their full personal and educational potential.

Ms. Risner previously served as the Superintendent of Ocean Beach School District in Long Beach, Washington where she was the superintendent for four years. Ms. Risner has been an educator for over 20 years and has served as a director of student services, director of special education, secondary principal, assistant principal, instructional coach, and elementary and middle school teacher. She received her superintendent credentials in 2013 from Washington State University, where she also received her MA in Education Administration in 2001.

Ms. Risner comes from a family of educators and values the impact strong educators have in the lives of children. She likes to be in the schools, classrooms, and community, and spends much of her free time attending school and community events and volunteering for service organizations. Several of her awards include Agricultural Principal of the Year for her support around career and technical education, Community Assist Builder award for her work with community organizations, and has participated in a national documentary around the impacts of immigration arrests on community and school systems.


J.D. Mitchell
Executive Assistant to Superintendent
Fax: 515/268-6633


Jenny Risner imageJenny Risner  


Ames Community School

2005 24th St.
Ames, IA 50010
Fax: 515-268-6633

The Superintendent’s role:

  • Works with School Board to lead the District in fulfilling its mission to students for teaching and learning, and in meeting the Board’s strategic, legal and policy requirements.
  • Presents District Operating Budget to the School Board.
  • Directs, monitors and evaluates administrators.
  • Engages collaboratively with the community.
  • Oversees personnel functions.
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