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School and Family Counselors

School and Family Counselors in all of our schools support students and their families in finding the resources they need to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential to academic and social-emotional success.

School and Family Counselors provide services to students, parent/guardians, school staff, and the community in the following ways:

Individual Student Planning

  • Assisting students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans.
  • Coordinating ongoing systematic activities.

School Counseling Curriculum

  • Providing developmentally appropriate structured lessons available to all students in kindergarten through eighth grade.
  • Organizing and providing group and whole classroom activities.

Responsive Services

  • Intervening in response to students’ immediate needs and conditions.
  • Providing prevention strategies to meet students’ future needs

Strategies may include

  • Individual counseling
  • Small group counseling
  • Consultation with parents, teachers and other educators
  • Referrals to other school support services or community resources
  • Psycho-education; intervention and advocacy at the systemic level
  • Developing confidential relationships with students
  • Working to improve school climate and culture

System support

  • Establishing, maintaining, and enhancing the district-wide school counseling program
  • Providing professional development, consultation, collaboration and supervision for program management and operations.

Edwards Elementary Pamela Sassman
Fellows Elementary Cathy Braun
Meeker Elementary Kari Deal
Mitchell Elementary Karen Forster
Sawyer Elementary Steven Krugler
Ames Middle School

6th: Rachel Krofta
7th:  Scott Rix
8th: Jennifer Haglund

Ames High School Sonja Hayes




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