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At-Risk Programs

The Alternative Learning Program (ALP) provides supplemental instruction for students who can benefit from additional learning opportunities. Classroom teachers and ALP teachers collaborate to select students for the program. At Ames Middle School, certified staff members work with students to improve academic skills and strategies, and help students complete school work and prepare for success at the high school level. 

At Ames High School, certified staff members work with the selected students to assist with course completion, credit recovery, and career planning. Students also have the opportunity to access the Academic Support Center where they receive additional assistance with Ames High School coursework.

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Title 1 is part of the Every Student Succeeds Act legislation that provides federal funds to help students in schools with high economic needs meet high achievement standards. The Title 1 programs’ specific objective is to enable all students to meet state and local student performance standards and for schools to achieve the targets for Annual Measurable Objectives set by the Iowa Department of Education.

Schools in the Ames Community School District eligible for the Title 1 program receive:

  • Additional teaching professionals
  • Extended learning opportunities through after school programming and summer learning
  • Family Involvement funds

Parent outreach is a critical component. Title 1 mandates schools to implement school-level family involvement programs through meaningful consultation with parents of participating children and to provide opportunities to increase parents’ knowledge and skills related to their children’s education.

Schools receive Title 1 funds to provide a comprehensive family involvement program that includes workshops focusing on strategies to help children improve their academic performance. Title 1 schools must provide an annual parent-teacher conference. In Ames schools, this often takes place during regularly scheduled parent and teacher conferences. However, the conference may take place at other mutually convenient times.


For information, contact your teacher or building principal.

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