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English Learners (EL)


Ames Community School District strives to prepare English Learners who are socially and academically confident, bicultural, and multilingual through welcoming and engaging students and their families in the educational process.


There are two main goal areas for our Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP): language and academic. English language proficiency LIEP Goal: The average time for an EL to exit the EL program will be less than four years.
  • Increase the percentage of ELs making growth on at least one subtest of the annual English language proficiency assessment.

  • Decrease the number of Long-Term English Learners (LTELs – defined as more than four full academic years in the Ames EL program). 

Academic Goal: Decrease the percentage of non-proficient ELs in reading and math on the statewide assessment. 


Ames Elementary English Language Learners may experience one of or a combination of the following models:


  • Students spend most of the school day in a regular classroom, but are pulled out for a portion of each day to receive instruction in English as a second language.


  • Students may remain in the regular classroom and receive English language support from the classroom teacher or the EL teacher.

Middle School

English Language Learners are assigned to EL classes for one or two periods, in addition to an EL study hall. EL classes are typically divided according to English proficiency, as well as grade level. Classes are focused on English language development and an introduction to American culture using a variety of strategies.  Class time may also be used to support English Language Learners with their content area coursework.

High School

Sheltered classes are available for English Language Learners to receive required high school credit in US History, World Studies, Algebra and English. EL Reading is offered as an individualized class based on the English Language Learner’s level of English proficiency. EL Beginner and EL Intermediate levels help develop the foundational skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

English Language Learners Instructional Highlights 

Ames English Language Program 

EL Frequently Asked Questions

Ames Lau Plan for EL Services

Colorin Colorado for Families 


Name Title/Building


Shaeley Santiago EL Coordinator
Jill Gale  Edwards Elementary


Nick Hughes
Jane Wilson

Fellows Elementary
Alicia Ewalt 

Meeker Elementary

Erin Haverkamp  Mitchell Elementary
Sadrac Alemán  Sawyer Elementary
Amanda Wright
Ellie Caldwell 

Ames Middle School

Kris Krajnovich
Ellie Caldwell 

Ames High School

Policy 102 – Equal Educational Opportunity 

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Chinese: Policy 102 – Equal Educational Opportunity
Arabic: Policy 102 – Equal Educational Opportunity (Coming Soon)

Policy 102.3 – Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act

Google Translate LogoSpanish: Policy 102.3 – Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act
Chinese: Policy 102.3 – Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act
Arabic: Policy 102.3 – Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act (Coming Soon)

Policy 104 – Anti-Bullying/Harassment 

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Chinese: Policy 104 – Anti-Bullying/Harassment 
Arabic: Policy 104 – Anti-Bullying/Harassment (Coming Soon)

Policy 106 – Discrimination and Harassment Based on Sex Prohibited 

Google Translate LogoSpanish: Policy 106 – Discrimination and Harassment Based on Sex Prohibited
Chinese: Policy 106 – Discrimination and Harassment Based on Sex Prohibited
Arabic: Policy 106 – Discrimination and Harassment Based on Sex Prohibited (Coming Soon)

Shaeley Santiago


English Learner Coordinator 

Ames Community School 
District Office
2005 24th St.
Ames, IA 50010

Fax: 515-268-6633

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