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Research in Ames Community School District

The Ames Community School District supports educational research by District staff members or researchers from other educational institutions when appropriate. Board Policy IFA delineates the guidelines for all research requests.

Curriculum Research Policy 602.4

How To Submit A Research Request

To submit a request to conduct research in the Ames Community School District, please read the instructions below and then complete the research request form:


If you have all the required documents for this research project, you may upload them during the process of submitting your form.  Otherwise, you may send them by email or U.S. mail at least 30 working days before the principal researcher’s anticipated first contact with students or teachers, to:

Jeff Hawkins
Assistant Superintendent
Ames Community Schools
District Administration Building, 2005 24th St.
Ames, IA 50010

Required materials:

  • Institutional Review Board form from the principal researcher’s parent institution
  • copies of all measurement instruments
  • copies of consent forms
  • a copy of the research proposal (including an abstract of no more than two typed pages)
  • the proposed project timeline.

Follow-up Procedures

The Executive Director of Education will determine the feasibility of conducting the proposed research in the Ames Community Schools, according to these guiding questions:

  • How will this research benefit the Ames Community School District?
  • Will the achievement of our students improve as a result of the research/research findings?
  • Will the study be minimally disruptive to the daily education process?

The Associate Superintendent will notify the principal researcher in writing of the committee’s decision.

After the Project Is Approved

It will be the principal researcher’s responsibility to seek approval from the Executive Director of Education for any changes to the originally proposed project.

Within six months of completing data collection, the principal researcher must deliver a written summary of the research results to Jeff Hawkins.

Submit a research request

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