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Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Four student-centered questions guide our curriculum, assessment, instruction, extracurricular offerings and professional development to create a structure of support to promote each student’s success:

1. What do we want all students to learn?
2. How will we know when they have learned it?
3. What will we do when they have learned it?
4. What will we do when they have not learned it?

  • Academic and student support programs

  • Professional development for educational staff

  • Compliance with local, federal and state student achievement data gathering and reporting

District Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment News 

Iowa School Report Card 


Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Staff

Linda Jones 
Executive Assistant 
Fax: 515-268-6633

Dan Andrews
Data and Assessment Coordinator
Fax: 515-268-6611

Kathy Geis
Homeschool Assistance Program
C: 515.291.9859

Vonda Junck
Teacher on Special Assignment
Mentoring & Induction, World Languages, Career & Technical Education
Fax: 515-268-6611

Nicole Kuhns
Coordinator – Extended Learning Programs
Fax: 515-817-0637

Mary Morton
Teacher on Special Assignment
Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, PE, TTLs
Fax: 515-268-6611

Shaeley Santiago
Teacher  on Special Assignment 
English as a Second Language 
Fax: 515.268-6611






Dr. Chad Dumas

Executive Director of Elementary Education

Jeff Hawkins

Dr. Jeff Hawkins

Executive Director of Secondary Education

Ames Community School
District Educational
Services Center

2005 24th St.
Ames, IA 50014

Fax: 515-268-6611

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