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Promoting healthy lifestyles is an essential part of our mission for students and staff.

Four areas comprise our Wellness programs: Nutrition Education, Nutrition
Promotion, Physical Activity, and Other School-based Activities to Promote Student

Wellness programs for staff as part of the self-funded health insurance program also include health screenings, flu shots, newsletters and other wellness-related information at reduced or no cost.

The District Wellness Council whose membership includes students, staff and community members, establishes and monitors wellness goals for nutrition education, nutrition promotion, physical activity, and other school-based activities to promote student wellness.

If you would like to serve on the wellness council, contact:

Ames Community School District Business Office
Fax: 515-668-6634


Wellness Policy

 Wellness Council Minutes April 4, 2019 
 Wellness Council Minutes December 6, 2018 
Wellness Council Minutes 4-26- 2017
 Wellness Council Minutes February 2, 2017 

Wellness Newsletters 


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