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More about Transportation

Other transportation factors:

  • We measure distance to school or to a bus route on the public roadway over the safest and most passable route, starting in the roadway opposite the private entrance to the student’s residence and ending in the roadway opposite the entrance to the school grounds or the designated point on the bus route.
  • The distance any student may be required to travel to meet a school bus on the approved route without reimbursement is limited to three-fourths of one mile.
  • Where transportation by school bus is impracticable or where school bus service is not available the parent(s)/guardian(s) residing beyond the statutory distance may be required to transport their child(ren) to the school(s) designated for attendance.
    • The District will provide reimbursement for such transportation service in the amount stipulated by the Code of Iowa. Parent(s)/guardian(s) will not receive reimbursement for furnishing transportation for more than three family members who attend elementary school and one family member who attends high school;
    • Or, arrangements may be made for use of common carriers at a cost based upon the actual cost of service and approved by the Board.
  • Where unsatisfactory roads or other conditions make it advisable, the District may require the parent(s)/guardian(s) to transport their child(ren), up to two miles to connect with a vehicle of transportation.
    • The District will provide reimbursement for such transportation at the rate stipulated by the Code of Iowa, per mile per day, one way, per family for the distance from the student’s residence to the bus route.

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