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School Nutrition Program

Free meals for all children at Ames Schools through the 2020-2021 school year.

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Our schools, our approved food service contractor and our outside concession groups provide food services that are consistent with appropriate laws and the Districtʼs Wellness – Board Policy 507.9 and health education goals.

The District’s school food services program operates under an agreement with the Food and Nutrition Bureau of the Iowa Department of Education. The Chief Financial Officer has the responsibility for managing operation of the food services program under a contract with Chartwells Dining Services.

School Nutrition Program Objectives

  • To reinforce the nutrition concepts taught in the classroom through the laboratory experience the lunchroom provides.
  • To encourage students’ participation in the school food services program and to develop positive food habits in students and staff and indirectly improve food habits of all members of the family.
  • To broaden students’ tastes and interest in a variety of foods and overcome individual dislikes in foods.
  • To provide nutritious, well balanced, attractive meals at a reasonable cost in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and the Districtʼs Wellness Policy.
  • To provide food services, as requested, for special functions within the District.
  • To provide an efficient operation, emphasizing quality foods and friendly service to students and staff,  to make school mealtime an enjoyable experience.

Nutrition Program Privacy and Non-Discrimination Statements

School Meal Menus 

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School Meal Prices

How to Apply For School Meal Assistance 

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