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If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, contact the principal of the school in which you wish to volunteer to discuss the opportunities available. According to our Board Policy, volunteers work only at the request and under the direction of school staff.

Before working the schools, volunteers must complete the online volunteer application process, which includes a State of Iowa background check. 

You will be responsible for a payment of $12.50 to administer this background check. 

Apply to become a volunteer.

Upon approval, you will receive a verification email and an official Volunteer Card.

Please bring your verification card to the school office when you volunteer.  

Verified volunteer status in the Ames Community School District is approved for five years. If you are still living in Iowa after that time and wish to volunteer in our schools, you must reapply and submit a new background check.

Thank you for helping make student safety a top priority in our schools. Please contact the office of the school where you are applying if you have any problems or questions about the volunteer application process.  

Other Ways Too Get Involved 

Elementary PTA / PTO 
     (Please check school specific site)  

Ames Middle School Boosters 

Ames High School Booster Clubs 

Ames Education Foundation 

Juicebox Interactive