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We devote our highly-qualified, committed leadership, staff and resources to support student success in teaching and learning programs, financial management and facilities.



Business Services


Facilities Planning & Mgmt


Human Resources 


Student Registration




Curriculum, Instruction, &  Assesment Programs

Technology Services


Preschool programs for 4-year old children, Early Success Programs for 3-year old children and Early Kindergarten for 5-year old children not ready for a full kindergarten program

Programs for high-achieving students in elementary school, middle school and high school

Programs for students with special needs and individualized education plans

Services for students with accommodations

Additional support for students’ core academic and personal-emotional needs. Includes At-risk programs, School Counselors, English as Second Language, Homeless Liaison, and Title 1

       Coordination and supervision of homeschooled students

Juicebox Interactive