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Board 15-6

School Board Agenda April 11, 2016

Ames Community School District
April 11 , 2016
Board members will assemble in the Multipurpose Room at Ames High School, 1921 Ames High Drive, on Monday, April 11   at 6:30 p.m. for a regular meeting.
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Approx. Time   Item
6:30:pm 1. Call to Order.
2. Approval of Agenda Reading of Mission Statement.

The mission of the Ames Community Schools is to ensure that all learners develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and personal esteem necessary to grow in and shape a changing society.
 6:30 pm  3. Public Hearing: Sawyer Playground. Gerry Peters. Exhibit H-1.
6:30 pm 4. Public Hearing: Budget. Chris Stensland. Exhibit H-2.
 6:35:pm 5. Public forum. District residents, students, parents/guardians of students, and staff members may address the Board about any topic relevant to the District. Speakers must sign up at the beginning of the meeting and each speaker is limited to three minutes per board meeting.  If necessary, the Board President may need to reduce the three-minute time limit to accommodate more speakers in the 20 minutes allotted. The Board may approve an extension of the 20-minute time allocation to allow all speakers up to three-minutes. We ask speakers to remember that Iowa law prohibits the Board from discussing specific employees or students or their performance. Student speakers will state their name and school. Others will state their name and address
Discussion / Information  Item(s)
6:55 pm 6. Update on Maintenance/Bus Facility. John Haila, Architect. Exhibit D-1.
7:05 pm 7. Sale of District Real Estate. Luke Deardorff.
Exhibit D-2. (This item was not ready at the time this Agenda was emailed to the Board.  President Deardorff will send this item directly.)
8. Elementary Enrollment. Tim Taylor. Exhibit D-3.
7:25 p.m 9. Board Committee Reports. Luke Deardorff. Exhibit D-4.
Consent Item(s) (All items listed under Consent will be enacted by one motion.  There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a motion is made and approved, prior to the time Board members vote on the consent items, to remove the item from the Consent Items for further discussion.)
 7:35 p.m 10. Minutes of the regular meeting held March 28, 2016. Chris Stensland.
11. Personnel Report. Tim Taylor. Exhibit C-1.
12. Gift(s) to the District. Tim Taylor. Exhibit C-2
13. Contract(s)/Agreement(s). Exhibit C-3.a.     Agreement with Youth and Shelter Services for Student Assistance Programming. Yonas Michael. Exhibit C-3a.b.     Agreement with Iowa State University for use of Hilton Coliseum for AHS Commencement on May 22, 2016. Spence Evans.Exhibit C-3b.
14. Continuous Open Enrollment Applications. Tim Taylor. Exhibit C-4.
Action  Item(s)
7:40 pm 15. Policies for Action. Tim Rasmussen and Rodney Briggs. Exhibit A-1.AC/JB, Nondiscrimination
7:45 pm 16. Open Enrollment Applications for 2016-17. Tim Taylor. Exhibit A-2.
7:50 pm  17. Change Order(s): Sawyer Playground. Gerry Peterson. Exhibit A-3.
7:55 pm 18. Annual Equipment Purchases for 2016-17. Gerry Peters. Exhibit A-4.
8:00pm 19. Mitchell Elementary School Final Acceptance of One Contract. Gerry Peters.Exhibit A-5.
 8:05pm 20. Change Order(s): Mitchell Elementary School Project. Steve Lang, TOK.
Exhibit A-6
Board and Staff Item(s)
8:10 pm 21. Items from the Board.
22. Items from the Staff.
23. Board Planning Calendar. Tim Taylor. Exhibit B-1.
 8:20 pm Adjourn
 Following adjournment, the Board will hold a closed session to discuss negotiations strategy.  This closed session is exempt from the open meetings law.
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