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School Board Agenda of February 11, 2019


Ames Community School District February 11, 2019

Board members will assemble in the Board Room of the District Offices Building, 2005 24th Street, Febraury 11 at 6:30 p.m.

(The Board respectfully requests that all cellular phones be turned off during the meeting.)

Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Ames Community Schools is to ensure that all learners develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and personal esteem necessary to grow in and shape a changing society.

 Click for a Printable Version of the February 11, 2019 meeting and work session agenda    

Approx. time

Item No.

Item Description

6:30 p.m.


Call to Order



Approval of Agenda and Reading of Purpose Statement.


The Ames Community School District commits to equity and access that empowers every individual to reach their full personal and educational potential.


Educational Equity and Improvement

Transparent Financial Planning and Processes

Recruitment, Retention, and Development of a High-Quality Staff

Clear and Consistent Communication to Support Positive and Proactive Community Relationships

A Safe and Responsive System that Promotes the Mental Health and Well-Being of Every Individual


INFORMATION/Discussion Item(s)

Residents of the District, students attending the District, parents or guardians of students attending the District, and District staff members may address the Board about any topic relevant to the District whether on the current agenda or not. Those who wish to speak must sign up at the beginning of the meeting. Speaker participation is limited to three minutes once per item. The views and opinions of citizens addressing the Board do not necessarily reflect those of the Board, District administration, or staff. Speakers are to remember that Iowa law prohibits the Board from discussing specific employees, students or their performance. Student speakers will state their name and school. Others will state their name and address.

  3.  2019-20 District Calendar. Yonas Michael and Spence Evans.
Exhibit D-1. (Priority 3 & 4)

Public Comments.

  4. Snow Make-up Days. Jenny Risner. Exhibit D-2. (Priority 3)

Policies for Discussion. Allen Bierbaum and Monic Behnken.
Exhibit D-3 (Priority 4)

302.6      Superintendent Professional Development

303.5      Administrator Duties

304.1     Development and Enforcement of Administrative Regulations

304.2      Monitoring of Administrative Regulations

401.10     Credit/Procurement Cards

700          Purpose of Noninstructional and Business Services

701.2       Transfer of Funds

701.3        Financial Records

701.4       Governmental Accounting Practices and Regulations

703.1       Budget Planning

703.2       Spending Plan

704.1       Local – State – Federal – Miscellaneous Revenue

704.2       Debt Management

704.4       Gifts – Grants – Bequests

704.5       Student Activities Fund


Board Committee Update. Alisa Frandsen. Exhibit D-4. (Priority 4)
Public Comments

  Public Forum
  Consent Item(s)
  7. Minutes from the meetings held January 23 and 29, 2019. Chris Stensland. (Priority 4)
  8. Personnel Report. Lisa Negus. Exhibit C-1. (Priority 3)
  9. Gift(s) to the District. Jenny Risner. Exhibit C-2. (Priority 2)
  10. Open Enrollment Requests. Jenny Risner. Exhibit C-3. (Priority 4)

Contract(s)/Agreement(s). Exhibit C-4. (Priority 2)
a.     Lifetouch Agreements. Principals. Exhibit C-4a

  12. Items from the Board.
  13. Items from the Superintendent
  14. Board Planning Calendar. Jenny Risner. Exhibit B-1.




Next Meetings

February 21 – Work Session with OPN/Story Construction

February 25 – Regular Board Meeting




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