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Agendas, Minutes, and Recording

School Board meeting agendas are available online for quick, easy access to public information. Our agendas include supplemental documents. Minutes are posted once approved by the Board. 

Location: Public Board meetings are held in the Ames Community School District Board Room, 2005 24th Street, Ames. We air Regular Board meetings live on YouTubeSchool Board Work Sessions may not be aired.

Looking for board committee meeting agendas and minutes? Visit the Board Committees page

October 11, 2021, 5:30 pm, Regular Meeting with Work Session

Previous School Board Meetings are grouped by month. Clicking the heading will expand to show all meetings held during that time period, including agendas, minutes (when they become available), and a link to the video recording which is also on the Ames CSD YouTube channel

December 29, 2020 – Special Meeting
Video Recording – Dec 29

December 7, 2020 – Regular Meeting followed by a Work Session
Regular Meeting Agenda
Regular Meeting Minutes
Work Session Agenda
Work Session Minutes
Video Recording – Dec 7

December 3, 2020 – Special Meeting
Video Recording – Dec 3

Prior to December 2020 meeting information

Meeting Date



11-23-20 Regular Meeting followed by Annual Meeting Regular Meeting
Annual Meeting
11-13-20 Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
11-11-20 Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
11-10-20 Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
11-09-20 Work Session followed by Regular Meeting (Virtual) Work Session
Regular Meeting
11-04-20 Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
10-26-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual) Regular Meeting
10-22-20 Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
10-19-20 Work Session (Virtual) Work Session
10-12-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual) Regular Meeting
9-28-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual) Regular Meeting
9-17-20 Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
9-14-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual) Regular Meeting
8-31-20 Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
8-28-20 Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
8-24-20 Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
8-17-20  Regular Meeting (Virtual) Regular Meeting
8-07-20 Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
8-03-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual) Regular Meeting
7-27-20 Work Session (Virtual) Work Session
7-20-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual) Regular Meeting
6-29-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual) Regular Meeting
6-24-20 Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
6-15-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual) Regular Meeting
6-09-20 Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
6-03-20   Special Meeting (Virtual) Special Meeting
6-01-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual)  Regular Meeting
5-18-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual) Regular Meeting
5-04-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual) Regular Meeting
4-13-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual)
Work Session 
Regular Meeting
Work Session
3-23-20 Regular Meeting (Virtual) Regular Meeting
3-19-20 Emergency Meeting  Emergency Meeting
3-09-20 Regular Meeting 
Work Session 
Regular Meeting
Work Session
2-24-20  Regular Board Meeting 
Work Session 
Regular Meeting
Work Session
2-10-20 Regular Board Meeting  Regular Meeting
1-27-20  Regular Board Meeting 
Work Session 
Regular Meeting
Work Session
1-13-20   Minutes  Regular Meeting 

Regular Meeting 
Work Session One 
Work Session Two 

Regular Meeting
Work Session One
 Work Session Two

12-02-19 Work Session  Work Session 
11-18-19   Regular Meeting 
Organizational Meeting 
Regular Meeting
Organizational Meeting

Regular Meeting 
Work Session 

Regular Meeting


 Regular Meeting 
Work Session 

Regular Meeting
Work Session 

10-07-19 Regular Meeting   Regular Meeting

Regular Meeting
Joint Meeting with United 

Regular Meeting
Joint Meeting with United

9-09-19  Regular Meeting Regular Meeting 
8-26-19 Special Meeting Special Meeting 
8-19-19 Regular Meeting Regular Meeting
8-05-19 Regular Meeting Regular Meeting
7-22-19  Minutes   Agenda  
7-08-19  Minutes Agenda  
6-17-19  Minutes  Agenda  
6-03-19  Minutes  Agenda 
5-20-19  Minutes    Agenda 
5-6-19  Minutes  Agenda  
4-22-19 Minutes Agenda  
4-08-19  MInutes  Agenda  
4-01-19 Minutes  Agenda  
03-25-19  Minutes  Agenda  
03-11-19   Minutes  Agenda  
03-06-19   Minutes  Agenda  
02-25-19  Minutes  Agenda  
02-21-19  Minutes  Agenda 
02-11-19   Minutes  Agenda 
1-28-19 Minutes Agenda 
01-23-19  Minutes  Agenda 
01-14-19 Minutes Agenda 
01-07-19 Minutes  Agenda 
12-10-18 Minutes Agenda 
11-26-18  Minutes  Agenda 
11-12-18  Minutes  Agenda 
10-29- 18  Minutes  Agenda 
10-15-18  Minutes  Agenda 
09-28-18  Minutes  Agenda 
09-26-18  Minutes  Agenda 
09-24-18  Minutes  Agenda 
09-11-18 Minutes   Agenda 
08-27-18  Minutes  Agenda 
08-13-18  Minutes  Agenda 
7-23-18  Minutes  Agenda 
7-09-18  Minutes Agenda 


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