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Gifts to the District

The Board may accept on behalf of and for the District any bequest or gift of money or property or loan of property for a purpose the Board deems suitable, and to utilize such money or property for the designated purpose.

In general, the Board uses the following criteria to approve a Gift or Loan:

  • The use is consistent with the philosophy, goals, and policies of the District.
  • The source is acceptable to the District.
  • It can be utilized with present level of staffing.
  • It will not bring undesirable or hidden costs to the District.
  • It will not place restrictions on a school program.
  • It will be appropriate and beneficial to the best education of students.
  • It will conform to provisions of municipal, state, and federal law.

Read the full policy.

Submit a Record of a Gift or Loan to the District

Gifts to the District

Gifts, loans, and/or bequests to the District are accepted in accordance with Board Policy KH, Gifts and Loans to the District. Send checks to 2005 24th St., Ames, IA 50014.
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