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Mask Requirement Reinstated in the Ames CSD

Mask Requirements in Ames CSD

At tonight’s Special School Board Meeting, the Ames Board of Directors voted to reinstate a mask requirement at all of our school buildings. The mask requirement will go into effect this Friday, September 17, and applies to all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to our school buildings. 

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Mask Update (May 20, 2021)

Shortly after midnight, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed legislation (HF 847) into law that prohibits school districts from requiring masks to be worn at school.

The new law took effect immediately upon signing. Therefore, the district cannot require masks and they will be optional at school beginning TODAY, Thursday, May 20.

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Delivery Model Change Request Open this Week

In-Person Instruction Parent Option:

On January 29, 2021, Governor Reynolds signed SF 160, a bill that requires schools to offer parents an option for full-time in-person instruction. As of today, all of our school buildings are providing an in-person delivery model option, along with the 100% online option through our Remote Campus.

The bill also requires schools to provide parents notice of the opportunity to select full-time in-person instruction and allow at least 5 days to decide their selection if the school will still offer other instructional options. We have re-opened our ACSD Learning Delivery Model Change Request form to give parents an opportunity to select the 100% in-person delivery model. 

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Ames CSD Update (January 12, 2021)

No School Board Meeting on Wednesday, January 13

As we continue to monitor local conditions, our community 14-day case rate is hovering around the 30 benchmark. We are going to continue to monitor this rate before making a recommendation for secondary students to return. As a result, we will not be holding a Special Board Meeting on Wednesday, January 13. 

Iowa Legislative Push for In-Person Learning

There is a statewide push from some state legislators to bring students back to face-to-face instruction, essentially taking the Hybrid option away from school districts. It is our understanding that the 100% online Remote Campus model would still be an option for parents and students who desire that delivery model. When we have more information, we will certainly communicate it, but we wanted to make all our parents aware of this possibility. 

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PK-5 Students to Return to 100% Face-to-Face

PK-5 Students to Return to 100% Face-to-Face

This morning, the school board voted for PK-5 students who desire a building-based delivery model to return to 100% face-to-face starting on January 4, 2021. Below, we have outlined what this means for our students in the various delivery models and buildings. 

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Delivery Model After Winter Break

Delivery Model After Winter Break

Throughout winter break, Ames CSD staff will be monitoring our local conditions. If our conditions continue to improve, we could make a recommendation to return PK-5 face-to-face on January 4, 2021. While it is too early to make that decision, we wanted you to know that all options will be considered.

Our secondary students (6-12) will continue in Hybrid through the end of the semester with the hope of returning fully face-to-face at the start of the second semester. Regardless of the learning model that students are in, our 100% remote campus will continue to be an option for families. 

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Return to Hybrid / Calendar

Return to Hybrid Delivery Model on Wednesday, December 9

Today, the school board voted to transition to the Hybrid learning model for grades PK-12 starting on Wednesday, December 9. The Wednesday return allows teachers 3 full days to prepare to return to Hybrid instruction. 

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Free Meals for All Children at Ames Schools Through the 20-21 School Year

Free Meals

The Ames Community School District is pleased to offer a free breakfast and lunch each day to every child in our community through the end of the current school year.

Any child aged 1-18 is eligible to receive a school breakfast and lunch at Ames Middle School, Edwards Elementary, Fellows Elementary, Meeker Elementary, Mitchell Elementary, and Sawyer Elementary.  Grab and Go meals will be available for students that are in virtual learning and younger children at the above sites.  Free meals are available to students when they are on site each of these sites.   Breakfast and lunch are available for free for onsite learners at Ames High School, free snacks are available for onsite learners at Northwood Preschool, free breakfast and lunch is available for enrolled children at the Boys and Girls Club.

  • On Monday, December 7, Monday and Tuesday Meals will be available between 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. at Edwards, Fellows, Meeker, Mitchell, and Sawyer Elementary Schools and between 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at Ames Middle School.
  • Starting Wednesday, December 9th, Ames families with students and young children can pick up free grab-and-go breakfast and lunch at between 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at Edwards, Fellows, Meeker, Mitchell, and Sawyer Elementary Schools. 
  • Pickup for free meals is available at Ames Middle School Monday through Friday from 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. 
  • Students and young children do not need to be present when parents and guardians pick up meals, and student IDs are not required. Families may pick up meals at the school closest to them.

We will also continue to serve weekend meals on Fridays. 

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Delivery Model / Revised Guidance Indicators

Delivery Model After Thanksgiving Break

We will be submitting our application for approval from the Iowa Department of Education (DE) to continue 100% online remote learning for all buildings PK-12 after Thanksgiving break. The DE approves applications in two-week intervals, and if approved, the 100% online remote learning would continue for another two weeks through Friday, December 11. As you head into the Thanksgiving break, please plan to continue online learning on Monday, November 30. 

As a reminder, when a school building has been granted approval from the DE to move into remote learning, the ability for that school to participate in extracurricular activities is suspended for the duration of the period of remote learning. As a result, all practices, competitions, and in-person meetings of any sports, activity, or club will continue to be suspended through the period of remote learning. 

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All PK-8 Schools to Move to 100% Online

Remote Learning NW, Fellows, Mitchell, AMS

As we continue to monitor our District on a daily basis, we have expanded our application for approval from the Iowa Department of Education (DE) to move to 100% online remote learning for all school buildings PK-8. This includes all elementary schools, Northwood Preschool, and Ames Middle School. 

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