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School District Boundaries

Preschool and Early Kindergarten

Northwood Preschool Center, at  3012 Duff Avenue, houses the accredited preschool program and early kindergarten program for students district-wide.


The Board has set boundaries for attendance centers throughout the District. All elementary resident students shall attend school in their neighborhood elementary building. 

Click here for a Scalable Google Map of our Boundaries.

Boundary Map 2018
Elementary Boundary Descriptions 

  • Edwards Elementary School – 820 Miller Ave.
    Northern: Lincoln Way
    Western: 500th Avenue.
    Southern: 240th Avenue to Maricopa Drive., to U.S. Hwy 30, to University Boulevard.
    Eastern: University Boulevard, to South Fourth Street, to South Grand Avenue.
  • Fellows Elementary School – 1400 McKinley Dr.
    Northern: Bloomington Rd, west of Grand Avenue
    Western: western boundary of Northridge Subdivision to Squaw Creek/Clear Creek,
    along Squaw Creek/Clear Creek to 13th Street.
    Southern: Middle of 13th Street
    Eastern: West side of Grand Avenue.
  • Meeker Elementary School– 300 20th St.
    Northern: Bloomington Road at east side of Grand Avenue
    Western: east side of Grand Avenue at Bloomington Rd, to 13th Street. At 13th Street, Squaw Creek is the western boundary.
    Southern: Lincoln Way
    Eastern: Dayton Ave.
  • Mitchell Elementary School – 3521 Jewel Dr.
    Northern: Lincoln Way to Dayton Ave., then north
    Western: South Fourth Street, to University Boulevard, to follow U.S. Highway 30 to a point
    west of State Avenue.
    Southern: roughly E57
    Eastern: roughly 580th Avenue north to East Riverside Road
  • Sawyer Elementary School – 4316 Ontario St.
    Northern: roughly 215th Street
    Western: 500th Avenue
    Southern: Lincoln Way
    Eastern: Hyland Avenue
    Schilletter Vilaage

Ames Middle School, 3915 Mortensen Road

All students in Grades 6-8 attend Ames Middle School.

Ames High School, 1921 Ames High Drive

All students in Grades 9-12 attend Ames High School.

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