Ames High School construction site

At the end of April 2021, 63% of the construction period had elapsed on the new Ames High School. Notable progress has been made on the north portion of the project that includes the auditorium, academic, fine arts, and CTE wings. On April 30, the large crane that was a staple in the skyline of the project was demobilized and removed from the site. Although exterior work continues on portions of the project, such as brickwork on the west side of the building, much of the work has moved indoors, focusing on mechanical and electrical installation. In the auditorium, concrete slabs are continuing to be installed in the balcony areas. With the pool basin already excavated, a myrtha panel system is being installed in the deep end while below deck ductwork and piping continues. Substantial completion date for the new Ames High School is April 30, 2022, and is scheduled to open in August 2022.