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Articles from May 2021

Mental Health Club at Ames High

Mental Health Club

For students across the country, this pandemic school year reinforced the importance of focusing on mental health. At Ames High, seniors Tatum Lillibridge and Jamey McCalley serve as student leaders of the Ames High Mental Health Club after first joining the group a year ago. 

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL): Curriculum Adoption / Feedback

SEL Curriculum Adoption

Over the past year, the Ames Community School District has been exploring different options for a social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum for K-12 adoption. A team made up of staff from across the district was assembled to develop core values that were then assigned to the different curriculum options to determine the most viable option. After narrowing down the SEL curriculum options, the SEL team met with two different providers and have determined the one that aligns best with the district’s mission, priorities, and task force core values. 

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Mask Update (May 20, 2021)

Shortly after midnight, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed legislation (HF 847) into law that prohibits school districts from requiring masks to be worn at school.

The new law took effect immediately upon signing. Therefore, the district cannot require masks and they will be optional at school beginning TODAY, Thursday, May 20.

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Project STOMP Winning PSA from Ames High

Ames High students Adrian Guan, Camden Wacha, and Jason Ahn were recognized by Iowa State University’s Project STOMP (Steps Toward Opioid Misuse Prevention) for their work on a video Public Service Announcement “Don’t Drink Your Life Away”. They won first place in the high school teams group in not only video but also the radio competitions. 

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Richard Day: Ames High Music Man

Richard Day Ames High Music Man

Performing arts were minimal in the early years of Ames High School. Small groups would perform as a chorus or cornet band, dependent on student interest. Orchestra was formed in 1903, and band in 1920. Participant numbers were low due both in part to lack of initial interest and the inability to secure instruments. That began to change when a new band director, Richard Day joined Ames High. While the band’s main purpose was to assist the Pep Club in putting pep into school, with Day’s leadership, they began turning out at a full array of athletic events and other activities. 

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Science in the City

Science in the City

Ever sit in a science or math class when you were in school and wonder, either quietly or out loud, when will I ever use this? Davis Verhoeven, a senior at Ames High School, aims to showcase exactly how science, math, engineering, and technology (STEM) are used every day and in almost every career through a self-founded after-school program called, Science in the City. 

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LC2: Little Cyclone Limited Collection

LC204 Social Graphic

We are excited to announce that the next design in our LC2: Little Cyclone Limited Collection is available on our online apparel store. The LC2 collection is a partnership with Sigler where this specific design is a buy one, give one opportunity for our community. For every LC204 piece that is purchased online, Sigler will print and donate another t-shirt that will be given to a student in the District. Between the previous three campaigns, LC201, LC202, and LC203, we were able to give over 220 Ames branded shirts to students. 

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