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Articles from April 2021

Ames High Named “Best” High School in National Report

US News Best High School

The 2021 U.S. News and World Report Best High School rankings have been released and Ames High School has been named fifth in the state and 1,431st in the nation. The Ames High earned a “Best” ranking, a commendation reserved for the top 40% of schools in this ranking program. U.S. News “Best” badges are widely recognized as symbols of excellence in U.S. education.

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ISPRA Communication Awards 2021

Iowa School Public Relations Association Communications Awards 2021
The Iowa School Public Relations Association (ISPRA) held its annual communication awards ceremony on Friday, April 23 in conjunction with their virtual spring conference. The Ames Community School District submitted materials in 13 of the 22 competition categories that included Branding, Excellence in Writing, Infographic, Magazine, Photography, Podcasting, Public Engagement, Social Media, two Special Purpose projects, and two Video categories.  

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Statement on the guilty verdict of the murder of George Floyd

Statement on George Floyd Trial

Today, a jury found a former Minneapolis police officer guilty on all three counts of murder. We know that this verdict does not erase the traumatic event we all witnessed on May 25th. It also does not bring back George Floyd and for that our hearts go out to the Floyd family who will not get to hug their son, brother, or father. However, we hope that today’s verdict can be a step forward in bringing meaningful change for those who have experienced institutional racism, systemic violence, and racial trauma in our country.

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Ames High Construction Update – March 2021

Aerial view of the Ames High construction project

Photo taken on February 3, 2021

At the end of December, 54% of the construction period had elapsed. Although three winter storms created some variance to start the new year, the project continues to move along at a great pace. Exterior work included the installation of precast panels in the CTE wing and steelwork in the auditorium for the balcony, catwalks, and fly loft structures. Temporary enclosures were created in several areas to allow for temporary heating. Drywall and painting began in the south portion of the building including the athletics areas, which was the first phase of construction. Excavation of the west end of the pool (deep end) began and underfloor piping in the pool is in progress. Pool materials were delivered and are being stored on site. The new Ames High School is scheduled to open in August 2022.

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A Decorated Musician: Ames High Senior Seth Durbin

Seth Durbin Pianist

At a time when most high school seniors are planning for graduation and what lies ahead, Seth Durbin leaves 2021 not only as an Ames High School graduate, but also as a decorated pianist. Playing piano for 10 years, the Ames High senior has received multiple awards in just the past two months. 

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Critical Consciousness: Building Implementation

Critical Consciousness Implementation graphic

In August 2017, the Ames Community School District officially embarked on a critical consciousness path that has significantly steered professional development and decision-making in the District. Critical consciousness can be defined as “The willingness and ability to see how power and privilege are at work to systematically advantage some while simultaneously disadvantaging others.” In that year, District-led professional development opportunities began for administrators, and since then, opportunities have expanded to include hundreds of teachers and staff members. 

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