Below you will find links to two forms on our website that will be used to officially request online learning for school starting on August 24. 

As a reminder, on August 10 (or a date to be determined before that time), the Ames CSD will make a recommendation to the school board on what delivery model to start the school year. The school district has two options: On-Site Delivery for all students or Hybrid 1 which is half on-site and half online learning structured in A/B days. 

The school district cannot choose online learning for all students in the District, but parents can voluntarily select that option. Please read the questions and answers below before filling out the online request forms:


What does choosing the online option mean?

By filling out one of these forms, you are requesting that 100% of your students’ instruction be delivered online by a teacher in the Ames Community School District. The structure of the delivery will be communicated at a future date. 


What happens if I do not fill out this form?

These forms are specifically being used to request that instruction for your student be delivered 100% online. If you do not fill out this form, but have registered through Infinite Campus, then your student will automatically participate in the delivery model that is chosen for the District. If you have Infinite Campus registration questions, please direct them to Cathy Fitzgerald ( 


I have multiple students, do I need to fill out the form multiple times?

Yes. We ask that you fill out the form for each student that you are requesting online learning. 


What if I am not ready to make a decision regarding online learning?

We understand that some parents would prefer to wait on making a decision based on the delivery model that the District selects. We appreciate and understand that thinking, but also know that many parents are ready to select the online learning option. For that reason, we have opened these forms to assist in our planning. We will send reminders of the forms in future communication. 


Will I be able to select online learning after the school year begins?

Yes. If you would prefer to start the school year in the selected delivery model (On-Site or Hybrid 1), you will still have the opportunity to transition to online learning at a later date.


What is the difference between the two forms?

We opted to have two forms, one that is a request based on medical circumstances and another based on parent choice, to help us understand why parents would select the online option. At this point, a medical circumstance is not needed to select online learning. Having the two forms will help us communicate with parents directly if that requirement changes in the future. 


Click below to access the forms:

Parental Choice Request for Remote Learning 

Medical Request for Remote Learning