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The Ames Community School District is a proud partner of the Central Iowa Community Identification Card (CICID), along with Ames Police Department and Story County Sheriff’s Office. 

Being able to present a valid form of photo ID is essential to accessing many services and benefits of the community. The Ames Community School District will accept CICID as a form of identification for the purposes of student enrollment and to satisfy the ID requirement incumbent upon parents, volunteers and community members seeking admittance into our school buildings during hours of operation. 

Traditional forms of identification—driver’s license, U.S. passports, and social security cards—provide proof of identity and residence, however, these forms of ID are not always available for all residents of Central Iowa. The CICID is a locally created, verified identification program that is supported by local law enforcement that offers an alternative form of identification. 

The photo ID card is for anyone 16 and older. To obtain the CICID, individuals will be asked to show the same types of documents that are used to receive a passport, as agreed to by local law enforcement. The card is valid for two years, with an expiration date stated on the card. 

More information on the Central Iowa Community Identification Card can be found at:

Phone: (515) 599-8149 

Website: www.communityid.org