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Articles from September 2019

The Elements of a Rebrand

Elements of a Rebrand graphic

The Ames Community School District is in the midst of a rebrand. It is not just a rebrand that conjures up ideas of marketing techniques including changing logos (although that is part of it), but a change in the status quo of how the District conducts business. Branding is much more than just colors and fonts. It’s how people respond to your organization. It’s the style, voice, and reputation that an institution holds in the public. In other words, a brand carries an emotional weight. 

Rebranding happens for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is the result of a leadership change. This summer marked Superintendent Jenny Risner’s one-year anniversary in Ames. The year has been memorable on a number of fronts but was the beginning of a fresh-eyes assessment on how the Ames Community School District operates both internally and externally, from buildings, classrooms, and our community. 

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Central Iowa Community Identification Card

Central Iowa Community ID logo

The Ames Community School District is a proud partner of the Central Iowa Community Identification Card (CICID), along with Ames Police Department and Story County Sheriff’s Office. 

Being able to present a valid form of photo ID is essential to accessing many services and benefits of the community. The Ames Community School District will accept CICID as a form of identification for the purposes of student enrollment and to satisfy the ID requirement incumbent upon parents, volunteers and community members seeking admittance into our school buildings during hours of operation. 

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Emergency Response Classroom Posters

09 Emergency Response Language

Emergency response is a reality that all schools have to consider. Whether it’s a tornado or fire drill or anticipating an active threat situation, having common language is important in these situations. Over the summer, in addition to completing the District’s Emergency Operations Plan, administrators reviewed their language to emergency response. These posters are being displayed across the District and in classrooms as a visual reminder of what key words mean. 

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Amazing Education Podcast

Amazing Education Podcast Graphic

The Amazing Education Podcast is a new communication channel from the Ames CSD that focuses on education-related topics with a blend of local and national conversations. Each episode of the Amazing Education Podcast will be 25-30 minutes and feature a guest on a specified topic. 

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Mitchell Elementary Building Expansion

Mitchell Building Expansion

Mitchell Elementary School was one of three elementary schools in Ames (Edwards and Meeker being the other two) that was part of the April 2018 successful bond referendum for elementary school building additions. We reviewed current enrollment, near-term predictable enrollment, and projected future enrollment and determined the most urgent need for additional space is at Mitchell Elementary.

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What You Need to Know about the Little Cy-Hawk Game Friday Night

09 Little Cy Hawk Game

On Friday, September 13, Ames High will host Iowa City High in the seventh game of the Little Cy-Hawk rivalry (Ames is 4-2) with a traveling trophy sponsored by HY-Vee on the line. The game will kick off at 7:00 p.m. and will precede the biggest collegiate game in the state, the Cy-Hawk game with Iowa State University hosting the University of Iowa. The game is always a huge community event so here is what you need to know.

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Kristin Johnson Announced as New Director of Human Resources

Kristin Johnson New HR Director

The Ames Community School District is excited to announce Kristin Johnson as the new Director of Human Resources. Ms. Johnson previously served as the Iowa Civil Rights Commission Executive Director, a position that is appointed by the Governor of the State of Iowa. In that position, she set policy and was responsible for hiring, staffing, employment benefits, and performance evaluations for the state agency. 

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Official Online Apparel Store

Online Apparel Store

We are excited to announce the launch of the official Ames Community School District online apparel store. Starting today, you can order Little Cyclone apparel representing every school building across the District. The store has a wide variety of options to choose from with the convenience of ordering online and having the items delivered directly to your door. Many of the items on the store have the ability to customize the logo you prefer.

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