School Resource Officers

Thanks to our fantastic partnership with the Ames Police Department, we are excited to announce the addition of Officer Don Johnsen as a second school resource officer (SRO) within the District. Officer Johnsen will join Officer Nick Schieffer who has served as the only SRO for the past 5 years. Both officers will collaborate with District and building administrators throughout the year with the primary goal of school safety. 

Officer Schieffer has been a great resource to the District and community. Having the same officer work in our schools has transcended the officer/student relationship. The Ames Police Department has a great reputation of outreach throughout the community and the model that they have put in place for this position is an extension of that commitment. Parents know Officer Schieffer and feel comfortable knowing that he is a layer of support for all of the students in their family, preschool through high school.

Officer Johnsen is an 8 year veteran of the Ames Police Department and a great fit for this new position. According to Officer Schieffer, “Officer Johnsen made his interest in the welfare of Ames youth clear over his eight years with the Ames Police Department. Officer Johnsen has the demeanor and patience needed to work with juveniles. His understanding of child development makes him a great fit for his new role as an SRO.”

The addition of a second SRO will allow both officers to spend more time at the elementary buildings. Having an SRO read to a room full of first-graders allows relationships to start prior to the negative effects of mass media. Building relationships leads informed citizens who are willing to work with law enforcement as adults to keep Ames a safe place to live.