ACT Report 2017

The 2017 Graduating Class ACT Profile Report was recently released, after being embargoed from media publication until September 7. The report summarizes the preparation and performance of last year’s graduates and compares Ames students on the college entrance exam to the state and the nation.

Last year, 214 Ames students took the test with an average composite score of 25.2 (out of a perfect 36). This average is 3 points above the state average, and 4 points better than national average. Ames students performed higher across all the tests which include English, math, reading, and science.

ACT Composite       English        Math         Reading      Science

Nation     21.0                 20.3           20.7            21.4            21.0

Iowa        21.9                 21.2           21.3            22.6            22.1

AHS        25.2                 24.4           24.9            26.0            25.0

No students last year scored a perfect 36, but 5 graduates recorded a score of 35. Of the 214 total students, 48 of them marked a score of ≤ 30.

In addition to the composite score comparison, Ames students outperformed state and national averages in every area. As a way to understand the scores, the report also provides ACT College Readiness Benchmark Scores. “The standards relate test scores to the types of skills needed for success in high school and beyond. They serve as a direct link between what students have learned and what they are ready to do next.” The numbers below reflect the percentage of students who met the benchmark.

ACT   English        Math         Reading      Science

Iowa          71            45                55              45

AHS          88            72                74              69

In general, the report focuses on:

  • Performance – student test performance in the context of college readiness
  • Access – number of your graduates exposed to college entrance testing and the percent of race/ethnicity participation
  • Course Selection – percent of students pursuing core curriculum
  • Course Rigor – impact of rigorous coursework on achievement
  • College Readiness – percent of students meeting ACT College Readiness Benchmark Scores in each content area
  • Awareness – extent to which student aspirations match performance
  • Articulation – college and universities to which your students send test results

The report mirrors some of the many reasons why the Ames Community School District has been ranked as the #1 District in the state for 5 consecutive years according to Niche.